Artist collective with 13 Art MFA alumni members crowdsources funding for exhibition in Galway, Ireland

In less than a month the group Expanded Draught, which includes 13 MFA alumni of the School of Art at LSU, raised 2,052 Euros through the crowdsource site :fund:it. Sixty one funders from around the world agreed to assist with the cost of materials, installation, an exhibition opening, and promotion costs.

Starting March 9th 2013 they will hold an exhibition in Galway city as part of Adapt Galway. They will show the individual work of each Expanded Draught member under the theme of when you cut through the present the future will leak out and present a series of talks and workshops. Expanded Draught currently has 23 members some of whom will be attending the Expanded Draught Festival in March 2013.

Opening reception at 7 p.m. March 9th at The Shed, on Docks Road in Galway, Ireland. 

Here’s a list of LSU MFA alumni artists involved:

Allison Regan
Kit French
David Carpenter
Tyler Mackie
Cody Arnall
Yoojeung Park
Kyle Bauer
David Williams
Jacob Hauck
Megan Singleton
Hannah March Sanders
Danielle Burns
Lindsey Maestri


Expanded Draught FUNDIT from ferg flannery on Vimeo.

About Expanded Draught An international artist collective, Expanded Draught was founded in Galway city in 2006. From Galway it has expanded, to Dublin, England, Canada, Korea, America: Maryland, Texas, Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Ohio, New York, Colorado, Tennessee, Oregon, and Georgia.

We have exhibited collaboratively in both America (LA) and Ireland; our aim is to continue our expansion further afield. We are committed to the support of artists in the creation of high quality dynamic art works. We promote collaboration and the sharing of information, skills and knowledge through a series of workshops, talks, discussions and exhibitions. We aspire to create a platform for diverse artists to showcase their work and form relationships with other artists from various countries around the world, creating large scale individual/collaborative works, interactive and inclusive projects using both unconventional and conventional spaces.

Each member represents a diverse perspective and offers a wide range of knowledge in terms of material fabrication and perspectives on concept. We are seeking funding to assist with the cost of materials, installation, the exhibition opening, and promotion costs. All our projects to date have been self-funded through a series of fundraising gigs, sponsorship and awards.

For more information on Expanded Draught, an international Artist collective please go to our Website or our Online Portfolio

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