Welcome to the College of Art + Design

Students at LSU’s College of Art + Design don’t just learn about art and design. They live it. The school brings together a focus on creativity and expression, talented faculty, specialized concentration areas, outstanding studio and gallery spaces and a connection to the community to create a dynamic program. Professors challenge students to explore their creativity, looking at contemporary issues and the world around them through visual art. Faculty and students also work on real-world projects for clients, community organizations and planning agencies through the school. Our alumni work around the country and around the world as successful artists and design professionals, contributing to the communities where they live and work.

The College of Art + Design includes programs in studio art, art history, architecture, graphic design, interior design and landscape architecture. All programs are nationally accredited and in the professional programs the degree is the first step toward licensing.

A Place to Explore

When you walk into the College of Art + Design, you sense something different. Although the College facilities sit in the heart of LSU’s campus, the College of Art + Design feels more like a small liberal arts college then a large comprehensive university. A compound of four buildings houses the art and design programs. The quadrangle area between buildings is home to an outdoor sculpture garden.

Between classes, students meet in an outdoor courtyard designed and built by landscape architecture students. Inside, studio space is around every corner. Architecture, landscape architecture and interior design students have dedicated workspaces in open, airy rooms. The school provides a workshop, specialized computer laboratories, and exhibition spaces to give students access to all the tools they need to create and learn.

The Students

Students from across the country and around the world find a home at LSU’s College of Art + Design. We value our students’ unique perspectives and help them express those perspectives in innovative ways. Because studio-based education in small groups is at the center of the school’s programs, our students are a close-knit and vibrant learning community. Students in the College grow and learn together, cultivating invaluable relationships with both faculty and other students that last far beyond the classroom.

The Professors

The College’s students learn from professors who have a passion for what they do – and for sharing it. And the faculty does more than teach courses. They serve as guides and mentors, challenging students to develop their talents. The faculty assists students to find internships, jobs and graduate school placements. They are all talented artists who have a real drive to explore and create, exhibiting their work around the country. Our graduates are prepared to act and think creatively because the faculty value inquiry over training, embrace the spirit of risk taking, and nurture a capacity to create. Visiting professors and events like the LSU Art + Design Lecture Series gives students the opportunity to hear artists, architects, designers and landscape architects speak about what has driven them in the past, and the contributions that have shaped the direction of their field.

Award-winning, Accredited Programs

The College of Art + Design provides innovative, rigorous programs that help students develop the skills they need to work as professional artists and designers. Students choose specialized areas of study to focus on their particular interests. Faculty and students often work collaboratively on projects to share ideas across disciplines. Our programs have been recognized as some of the best in the country.

Our programs are nationally recognized. Landscape architecture is nationally ranked at number two for both undergraduate and graduate education. Both architecture and interior design are ranked in top ten in the south by Design Intelligence’s national survey. The ceramics area is ranked fifth in the country by U.S. News & World Report.

Baton Rouge + South Louisiana

Baton Rouge boasts a vibrant arts community that stretches from campus to downtown and beyond. The new ArtsBlock in downtown Baton Rouge brings together visual arts, the theater and more in the Shaw Center for the Arts. And the School of Art is in the heart of it, with contemporary gallery space in the center for professional and student exhibitions and classrooms that allow students to learn in a spectacular environment. Unique historical and cultural influences provide a backdrop for inspiration and creativity here.

The Alfred C. Glassell Jr. Exhibition Gallery in the Shaw Center for the Arts in downtown Baton Rouge exhibits contemporary artists and offers the community what no other gallery in the area can. Foster Hall Gallery and the College Commons provide additional venues for exhibitions.

Faculty and students in architecture, graphic design, interior design, and landscape architecture work with real world clients, community organizations and planning agencies on issues of significance facing contemporary society.

About LSU

Strong student traditions, organizations and activities are an important part of life for the 25,000 students at LSU, the state’s flagship university. Fall Saturdays find the campus full of tailgaters headed for Tiger Stadium to cheer on the university’s Tiger football team. It’s a spectacle full of tradition, from the band marching down the hill to the stadium to the appearance of Mike the Tiger, the live Bengal tiger mascot. Men’s and women’s basketball, track, baseball and other sports round out the athletic calendar. There is plenty of opportunity to participate in sports, with intramural fields and teams, the student recreation center and other programs. If you are looking for something more creative or cultural, you can find plenty of opportunities to attend the theater, art exhibitions, poetry readings, movies and other events at the Student Union or around campus. In addition to sorority and fraternity and service groups, LSU has student organizations for just about every interest, from politics to dance to international culture and more. Covered with beautiful live oak trees, azaleas and tropical plants, the campus is listed as one of the 20 best campuses in America in Thomas Gaines’s The Campus as a Work of Art. Forty-six of the campus buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The university is bordered by two lakes and sits near the Mississippi River and downtown Baton Rouge.

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