Academic Programs Abroad

College of Art + Design Short-Term and Summer Academic Programs Abroad



ART 4651: Survey of Graphic Design History

Class field trip to London
April 11–19, 2014
Cost Estimate: $2,405, includes airfare, housing, tube pass, breakfast, activities/museum entries, and health insurance
Program director: Richard Doubleday

Students enrolled in the spring 2014 ART 4561 Survey of Graphic Design History course will travel to London for 10 days over spring break. The excursion will focus on the history of graphic design in London, with particular emphasis on the contribution and influence of graphic design work by British-born artists. The trip will also bring into focus London’s rich visual tradition as one of the world’s most important cities for visual communication and London’s contribution to contemporary graphic design. Students will visit important graphic design firms and publishers, including Baseline magazine, Pentagram, Why Not Associates, and Vaughan Oliver. Students will also visit many of London’s cultural highlights: the Design Museum, Museum of London, the British Museum, Barbican Art Gallery, the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery, the Royal College of Art, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Tate Modern, the British Library, and more. For more information, visit

LA 4501: Field Studies in Landscape Architecture: France & Netherlands

Class field trip to France and Netherlands
March 1-9, 2014
Program directors: Max Conrad and Bruce Sharky

Experience the contemporary and historic designs in France and the Netherlands. See the best of the best in landscape architecture, architecture, and art. Soak up the culture of two very different countries. How can they be so close to each other geographically, yet so different culturally? The itinerary includes visits to Paris, Versailles, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Delft. For more information, visit

The Robert Reich School of Architecture is highly regarded for its field trips, and the school’s alumni always say the class trips were some of their most valuable experiences while at LSU. Space is limited. Sign up now to assure that you can be included. Priority will be given to those who sign up early.




Art in Ireland

June 6 – July 4, 2014
Estimated Cost: $3,000 plus airfare, tuition, fees, and spending money
Program directors: Malcolm McClay and Chicory Miles

Art in Ireland is a summer studio program that is based at the Burren College of Art.  The college, a cutting edge facility built in the courtyard of 16th-century Newtown Castle, offers an opportunity for focused activity that draws upon the unique landscape of the Burren. This places the students in a setting where they are simultaneously surrounded by both the vastness of the Burren and an ecology that is conducive to a huge variety of plant and animal life—a setting that will inspire much of the work that will be created.

From drawing and painting excursions that submerge students in the extraordinary landscape to site-specific sculptures created in the environment, the Burren will engage students in new ways of seeing and experiencing the making of art.

The Burren College of Art is located in Ballyvaughan, CountyClare, a typical Irish village complete with cafés, restaurants, and pubs. There is traditional Irish music both there and in the nearby village of Kilfenora, where students will visit as part of the program. The program also includes a trip to the city of Galway to visit galleries and art centers and a two-day visit to the Aran Islands, off the Irish coast.

Program co-director, Associate Professor Malcolm McClay, was born and raised in Ireland and maintains strong ties to the country, traveling back each summer to engage in lectures, exhibitions, residencies, and collaborations. He brings this broad spectrum of knowledge and experience to the program, which allows students to get first-hand knowledge of contemporary art in Ireland and to experience an insider’s view of Irish culture.

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Art in New York City

May 20 – May 31, 2014
Estimated cost: $1,910, plus airfare, tuition and fees, and spending money
Program director: Loren Schwerd

Investigating the art of your contemporaries and seeking direct experiences is an essential component of any critical practice. For two weeks, your classroom will be the numerous cultural institutions of New York City. You will explore the visual art offerings in New York, noting especially the interdisciplinary projects that are underrepresented in Baton Rouge, such as installation art, public art, performance, and digital mediums. Anticipated fieldtrips include: Museum of Art and Design, Whitney Museum of American Art, Chelsea Art Galleries, Museum of Modern Art, visits to artists’ studios, and DIA Beacon. For more information, visit



College of Art + Design in Rome

May 13 – August 4, 2014
Estimated Cost: $6,700, plus airfare, tuition, fees, meals, and spending money
Program directors: Kevin Risk and Matthew Rossbach

The city of Rome offers a deeply textured fabric through which one can engage in the most fundamental design investigations. The city is a collecting point for 2,000 years of efforts to structure the built environment around a shifting landscape. With countless examples of cultural artifacts of all scales, Rome presents a unique pedagogic space in which students can be immersed in the juxtaposition of adaptability and durability. As a teaching venue, Rome has the capacity to challenge the preconceptions of space-practice and expand the notion of human experience in the urban context.

The program is offered during the summer and is an 11-week, 12-credit-hour design curriculum taught by LSU faculty, designed to integrate within the curricula in both the architecture and landscape architecture programs at LSU. The coursework will enable students to engage in the landscapes and architecture in and around Rome and test observations through design work. All field studies, travel, and housing will be coordinated through the administrative staff at the University of Arkansas Rome Center at Palazzo Taverna, a 13th-century palazzo located between the Vatican and Piazza Navona. The palazzo is home to private residential apartments, banqueting halls, diplomatic residences, and art studios. Students will be housed in one of the cultural hearts of the city, Trestevere.

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Connecting Deltas: Mississippi + Mekong

Mississippi and Mekong, Vietnam
May 20 – June 3, 2014
Estimated cost: $2,000, plus airfare, tuition and fees, and spending money
Program Director: Shelby Elizabeth Doyle

How does the urbanization of the Mekong River Delta influence our collective understanding of the Mississippi River Delta and its ongoing development?

This program will begin with site visits to and case studies of Vietnamese communities in the Mississippi River Delta of Louisiana. Next, students will produce a brief case study of the Mekong River Delta with a focus on environmental conditions, current infrastructure, political policy, and urban development. Then, upon arriving in Vietnam, students will compare the urban conditions of Vietnamese communities in the Mississippi River Delta to those in the Mekong River Delta. Additionally, while in the Mekong River Delta, students will meet with local professionals and academics to discuss current strategies and proposals for the preservation of the Mekong Delta. The course will conclude with a compilation of the research into a small book and proposals of how this research might be incorporated into the future development of the Mississippi River Delta. By traveling in the Mekong Delta, students will extract an understanding of the place and the challenges and solutions manifest in that environment. For more information, visit


Contemporary Dutch Design

Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 20 – June 5, 2014
Estimated cost: $2,080, plus airfare, tuition and fees, and spending money
Program Director: Gregory Watson

This program is an introduction to contemporary Dutch design. Your time in the Netherlands will give you direct access to the subject matter through meetings with practitioners, tours, and visits to museums, galleries, and institutes. Amsterdam and the Netherlands have renowned cultural infrastructures, both public and private. These resources reflect the amazing range and depth of the history of Dutch art and design, as well as the present state of contemporary creative visual work in the Netherlands. For more information, visit




Footsteps in Berlin

May 18 – June 2, 2014
Estimated Cost: $1,950, plus airfare, tuition, fees, and spending money
Program Director: Michael Desmond

Footsteps in Berlin is designed to take advantage of the urban environment of greater Berlin in the hands-on teaching on the forces of modernity as expressed in architecture, urban design, and history.

The program will use the rich heritage of Berlin’s built environment to introduce students to the changing elements of architectural design and the evolution of urban space from baroque to modernity. During a series of lectures and guided tours to different districts, students will have the chance to examine the historical record and material culture of commercial, governmental, and residential buildings, churches, monuments, theaters, museums, railways stations, parks, squares, and bridges.

Much of the teaching will occur on site in different urban settings and museums around the city.

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Printmaking in Florence

May 19 – June 18, 2014
Estimated Cost: $3,920, plus airfare, tuition, fees, and spending money
Program Director: Leslie Koptcho

Printmaking in Florence will take place at the world-renowned Santa Reparata International School of Art, which is located in the heart of the historical center of Florence. The program will be led by printmaking professor Leslie Koptcho and painting and drawing professor Denyce Celentano.

Located on the River Arno in the Italian region of Tuscany, Florence is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance. Here Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, and many other pivotal artists lived and created.

“Drawn to Print!” will be the umbrella theme for LSU printmaking in Florence courses, and the five senses will be a focal point for activities. Each week, one or more of the five senses—sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing—will be featured, and both drawing and printmaking students will use this to frame the creation of artwork and experience in Florence. Coursework includes field trips to museums, cultural sites, and local points of interest.

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College of Art + Design in Hunan, 2013-18

Program director: Jun Zou,

To integrate LSU’s national and international flagship agenda, the College of Art + Design has recently started an exchange program with the College of Architecture at Hunan University, China. This exchange program is to pursue and further international cooperation in research and education. In particular, this program fosters collaborations on the following three aspects:

  • Organize and perform joint research projects, academic seminars and guest lectures,
  • Arrange exchanges of faculty members, researchers and students,
  • Exchange scholarly materials, research reports, publications. Of particular interest are the areas of interior design, local cultural/historical preservation, sustainable design, architectural design, and environmental art.

The exchange educational portion is open to all students from the College of Art + Design interested in Chinese arts, culture, and language, and who would like to study and earn credits at Hunan University, China. Under the name of Yuelu Academy, this university was founded in 976 as one of the four most-famous government sponsored academies in the Song Dynasty. Its traditional emphasis on civil engineering and architecture makes it one of the most reputable universities in the area (e.g. architecture design was ranked #10 in 2012).

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