Strategic Plan

Vision and Mission

The College of Art + Design is Louisiana’s foremost school for fine arts, art history, and the design professions. As such, the college’s vision is to be recognized nationally for the creative force of its faculty and for educating artists and designers who attain the highest level of professional achievement and leadership. The College’s mission is to educate a diverse population of students in a teaching and learning community that produces artists, designers, and scholars who, through their creative work, contribute to making a better world.

Moreover, the College strives to function as a collaborative of engaged students and faculty committed to creative activity in every aspect of the visual arts and design disciplines. We acknowledge that critical investigations in art and design occur in a local, regional, national, and global context, and that these investigations become useful only when referenced to the framework of one’s own culture and environment. The Faculty helps students build these frames of reference through shared learning experiences, interdisciplinary investigations, creative challenges, and community outreach programs. Special emphasis is placed on the context of our Gulf Coast region.

Furthermore, the College promotes conventional practices while recognizing that the challenges to today’s artists and designers are met both in traditional disciplines and while exploring the boundaries between disciplines.

In all of our work, we at the College promote inquiry-based learning, encourage a spirit of risk-taking, excite an appetite for thinking, nurture a capacity to create, and passionately pursue opportunities to improve our world.

In implementing its mission, the College of Art + Design is committed to:

  • a shared appreciation of the importance to artists and designers of understanding human needs;
  • interpreting the influence of place;
  • doing things well/right;
  • accepting environmental responsibility;
  • integrating the contributions of other disciplines;
  • sustaining a broad vision;
  • making a contribution to society;
  • maintaining and enhancing the status of all our programs as priority programs in Louisiana;
  • and, in the case of design professionals, creatively solving problems.

Download a pdf of the full College of Art & Design Strategic Plan