Funding Opportunities 2011-2012

Leadership Fund
Student Scholarship Fund

Lecture Series

Distinguished Faculty Fund

Studio Sponsorship

Renovation Fund

Leadership Fund

Contributions to the School’s Leadership Fund enhance each program by providing opportunities for student leadership training, national student professional organization support, and faculty leadership development.  Leadership funds are critical for the Schools if they are to graduate young artists and designers who will guide tomorrow’s professions and to assume leadership roles in their local community. Support for this fund permits students to attend national conferences, participate in leadership training workshops and seminars, and backs unique leadership-related events.  These funds also aid faculty development in the area of leadership and mentoring programs. The Leadership Development Fund is part of the value-added educational initiative developed by the College to enhance student learning experiences and outcomes.

Student Scholarship Fund

The College of Art & Design Student Scholarship Fund was established to create scholarship awards for both graduate students and undergraduates in the disciplines of architecture, art, art history, community design, graphic design, interior design and landscape architecture. Scholarship support has assumed a higher priority for two reasons. First, the College is increasingly competing against other national programs for the very best, high-achieving high school and graduate students. Second, the cost of a quality education is constantly rising.

Currently, students admitted to the College’s programs exceed the average test scores for entering undergraduates at LSU. This is an indication of each School’s strength within the University and the value others see in our efforts. However, as we actively recruit National Merit Scholars and other high performing students, we find we cannot be competitive with other institutions in the region because of our limited scholarship resources. If we are to meet our strategic objectives, we will need to offer financial incentives to effectively recruit the very best students. Undergraduate and graduate student scholarships will assist us in meeting our goals. On the average 148 scholarships are awarded each year by the College.

Lecture Series

The College Art & Design Distinguished Lecture Series Fund brings nationally and internationally acclaimed architects, interior designers, landscape architects, graphic designers, art historians, as well as fine artists to the LSU campus for the benefit of students and the general public. The Art & Design lecture series expands the learning environment for students by encouraging a spirit of artistic risk-taking through the example of others, exciting an appetite for thinking and making, and nurturing the capacity to create. At the same time, the visiting lecturer series reaffirms the College’s land-grant mission while increasing cultural capital through service to the Louisiana arts and cultural community through a distinctive public education program. Since its inception in 1999, a total of 146 lectures have been given; with 22 lectures sponsored by the Schools of Architecture, Art and Landscape Architecture and 124 lectures sponsored by alumni, corporations and generous individuals.

Distinguished Faculty Fund

Two ingredients make a great school: Outstanding students and faculty.  The Distinguished Faculty Fund seeks to provide professorships and a chair to reward outstanding faculty and to augment our faculty ranks with national and international artists, designers and scholars


Income from an endowed chair can supplement the holder’s salary and provide funds for graduate assistants’ salaries, secretarial assistance, course development, essential equipment, scholarly research and travel.  Matching is available.

Distinguished Professorship

An endowed, distinguished professorship provides the resources to reward a renowned professor for past academic achievement and enables the professor to pursue research or innovative teaching methods.  Matching is available.

Studio Sponsorship

The College of Art and Design seeks funding for studio sponsorships in all four Units of the College. Sponsors would be invited to student reviews, to design studios and to work with students. Funding would be used to offset the costs of field trips, publications and printing. The interaction between the students and sponsors would expand the learning environment for the students since they would be interacting and visiting with professionals in their fields.

Renovation Fund

The College Renovation Master Plan identifies rehabilitations to all four College buildings and three adjacent exterior spaces that distinguish the College on campus. Naming opportunities have been identified with spaces in all the buildings. Each area will have a stainless steel plaque announcing the donor’s gift.  Additionally, each donor’s name will be inscribed on the Renovation Fund plaque housed in the College atrium.

College Commons (1)

The College Commons is a dynamic and versatile learning space that houses symposia and lectures, exhibitions, special projects, and advanced video capability.  The College Commons is the hub of the learning environment for students, faculty, and the general community.  The Commons is located on the ground floor of the Design Building and opens directly onto the Doc Reich Courtyard.

Computer Labs (5)

Computer laboratories are an essential work environment for today’s student.  These laboratories supplement the student’s own laptop computers and provide them with access to advanced machines and special applications.  The College computer laboratories include the CADGIS Lab plus four satellite facilities in each unit.

Communication and Writing Center

The Communication and Writing Center is a resource center for all students in the College to advance their communication skills.  The Writing Center is equipped with computers that have special interactive software and it is staffed by writing specialists to augment classroom activities with special instruction and learning support.

Conference Rooms (Each)
  • Dean’s Conference Room
  • Architecture Conference Room
  • Landscape Architecture Conference Room
Studios (Each)

Students need new, professional quality workstations with completely networked computer work environments that are secure. They also need to be able to work in the kind of environment they will encounter in professional practice.

  • Art – 12 Studios
  • Interior Design – 12 Studios
Classrooms (5)

The contemporary classroom is equipped with the latest teaching technology including digital projectors, access to smart boards, and video conferencing capability.

Dean’s Office Suite
Department Office Suites
Faculty Offices