Lecture Series Archive

The College of Art + Design Lecture Series has been enhancing the education of students and contributing to the community’s quality of life since 1999. Below is a list of the speakers that have participated in the College’s Distinguished Lecture Series. Select lectures are available for view through our media site, you may visit the site for a full listing of lecture media.

2012-13 Lecture Series

John F. Simon, Jr.
08/23/12 | Th @ 5:30 p.m.
Louisiana Art & Science Museum
New Media Artist School of Art and Louisiana Art & Science Museum lecture

Ant Hampton
08/30/12 | Th @ 5 p.m.
137E Howe
Russell Studio Artist Paula G. Manship Lecture

Michael Rotondi
09/05/12 | W @ 5 p.m.
103 Design Bldg
Principal, RoTo Architects; Professor, Arizona State University; Distinguished Faculty Member, Southern California Institute of Architecture
Paula G. Manship Lecture

April Greiman
09/06/12 | Th @ 5 p.m.
137E Howe
Russell Graphic Designer/Visual Artist
Paula G. Manship Lecture

Peter Walker
10/03/12 | W @ 5 p.m.
103 Design Bldg
Landscape Architect; Founder of Peter Walker and Partners
Paula G. Manship Lecture

Jenny Sabin
10/10/12 | W @ 4:30 p.m.
103 Design Bldg Architect, Jenny Sabin Studio; Assistant Professor, Cornell University
Grace & Hebert Architects, LSU School of Architecture lecture

Kurt Gohl
10/24/12 | W @ 5 p.m.
103 Design Bldg Professor, Transylvania University-Kentucky
LSU School of Art lecture

Matt King
11/05/12 | M @ 5 p.m.
103 Design Bldg Sculptor/Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University
School of the Arts LSU School of Art lecture

Grace La
11/07/12 | W @ 4:30 p.m.
103 Design Bldg Principal, La Dallman and Associates; Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin
Milwaukee Coleman Partners, LSU School of Architecture lecture

Robert Williams
11/13/12 | T @ 5 p.m.
LSU Union Theatre Artist
Paula G. Manship Lecture

Peter Shire
01/30/13 | W @ 5 p.m.
103 Design Bldg
Artist Nadine Carter Russell Chair lecture

Teddy Cruz
02/06/13 | W @ 5 p.m.
103 Design Bldg Architect/Associate Professor, University of California, San Diego
Paula G. Manship Lecture

Nathan Hume/Abigail Coover
02/20/13 | W @ 4:30 p.m.
103 Design Bldg Editors, suckerPUNCH; Principal, Hume Coover Studio; Visiting Professors, Pratt Institute
VOA Associates, LSU School of Architecture lecture

Gregg Pasquarelli
02/27/13 | W @ 4:30 p.m.
103 Design Bldg Architect/Principal, SHoP Architects & SHoP Construction
Eskew+Dumez+Ripple, LSU School of Architecture Lecture

Lois Weinthal
03/06/13 | W @ 5 p.m.
103 Design Bldg Interior Designer/Associate Professor of Architecture, University of Texas at Austin
Paula G. Manship Lecture

Christy Ten Eyck
04/10/13 | W @ 5 p.m.
103 Design Bldg Landscape Architect/Founder of Ten Eyck Landscape Architects
Paula G. Manship lecture

Gregory Shoelette
04/10/13 | W @ 5 p.m.
Location TBA
LSU School of Art lecture


Branko Kolarevic 09/14/11@4:30p.m.
Associate Dean/Chair, University of Calgary
Trahan Architects lecture

Thaisa Way 09/21/11@5p.m.
Associate Professor/Landscape Historian, University of Washington
Catherine Memorial lecture series (Longvue Gardens)

Lori Ryker 09/27/11@5p.m.
Director, Artemis Institute
Marie M. Bickham Chair lecture

Deborah Berke 10/19/11@4:30p.m.
Partner, Deborah Berke & Partners
Professor, Yale University
Grace & Hebert Associates

Seth Curcio, Visual Artist/ Managing Editor

Julie Henson, Graphic Designer/Principal,Thinking Caps Design
School of Art lecture

Howard Chaykin 10/28/11@2p.m.
School of Art/ Dept. of English lecture

Linda Weintraub 11/09/11@5p.m.
Founder/Editor, Artnow Publications
Paula G. Manship lecture

Kenneth Brown 11/21/11@5p.m.
Interior Designer, Kenneth Brown Design
Department of Interior Design lecture

Jesus Moroles 01/18/12@5p.m.
School of Art lecture

Byron Stigge, Associate Principal

Joe Mulligan, Senior Engineer
02/01/12@4:30 p.m.
Buro Happold Engineers, Ltd.
The Gensler lecture

Marc Tsurumaki 02/08/12@4:30p.m.
Principal, LTL Architects
Eskew + Dumez + Ripple lecture

Mary Miss 02/15/12@5p.m.
Paula G. Manship lecture

Walton Ford 02/29/12@5p.m.
Paula G. Manship lecture

Charles Waldheim 03/01/12@5p.m.
Chair, landscape architecture Harvard Graduate School of Design
Max Z. Conrad lecture series

Gary Smith 03/14/12@5p.m.
Landscape Architect/Principal, W. Gary Smith Design
Nadine Carter Russell Chair lecture

Karsten Harries 03/21/12@5 p.m.
Philosopher/Arch Theoretician
Paula G. Manship lecture

Kate Orff 03/26/12@5 p.m.
Assistant Professor, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture
Director, Urban Landscape Lab, Columbia University Planning and Preservation
Founder/ Principal, SCAPE
Paula G. Manship lecture

Clare Twomey 03/28/12@5p.m.
Paula G. Manship lecture

Ken Frampton 04/04/12@5p.m.
Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation Columbia University
Paula G. Manship lecture


Kongjian Yu 09/09/10@5p.m.
Dean/Professor, Peking University
President, Turenscape

Atsuhiko Musashi 10/06/10@5p.m.
Visual Artist/Vice President, Kyoto Seika University

Tricia Stuth & Ted Shelton 10/20/10@5p.m.
Professors/Architects, University of Tennessee
Cofounders/Partners, curb

Lisa Findley 10/27/10@4:30p.m.
Professor/Chair, California College of the Arts

Walter J. Hood 11/05/10@5p.m.
Professor, University of California Berkeley
Principal, Hood Design

Suzanna Turner & William Moorish 11/10/10

Jonathan Segal 11/17/10@4:30p.m.
Principal, Jonathan Segal FAIA and Development Company

Guy Nordenson 02/09/11@4:30p.m.
Professor/Architect, Princeton University
Principal, Guy Nordenson & Associates

Walter Bortolossi 02/23/11@5p.m.

Patricio del Real 03/30/11@4:30p.m.
Ph.D. Candidate, Columbia University

Clare Twomey 04/06/11@5p.m.


Alec Soth 09/02/09@5p.m.
Photographer, Alec Soth Photography
Nadine Carter Russell Chair
School of Art

John Cary 09/16/09@5p.m.
Executive Director/Architect, Public Architecture
Paula G. Manship Lecture

Lori Brown 10/07/09@4:30p.m.
Associate Professor, Syracuse University
School of Architecture

Phoebe Crisman 10/14/09@4:30p.m.
Professor/Architect, University of Virginia
The Gensler Lecture
School of Architecture

Michael Ray Charles 11/04/09@5p.m.
Professor/Artist, University of Texas at Austin
Paula G. Manship Lecture
School of Art

Tim Johnson 11/11/09@4:30p.m.
Partner, NBBJ, New York, NY
Eskew+Dumez+Ripple Lecture
School of Architecture

Coleman Coker 11/18/09@4:30p.m.
Professor/Architect, Tulane University
Coleman Partners Lecture
School of Architecture

Alec Soth 11/19/09@5p.m.
Photographer, Alec Soth Photography
Nadine Carter Russell Chair
School of Art

Lori Ryker 01/27/10@4:30p.m.
Director, Artemis Institute
Coleman Partners Lecture
School of Architecture

Seth McDowell 02/03/10@4:30p.m.
Professional in Residence
Nadine Carter Russell Chair
School of Architecture

Roy Decker and Anne Marie Duvall 02/10/10@4:30p.m.
Architects, Duvall Decker Architects PA, Jackson, MS
Coleman Partners Lecture
School of Architecture

Gao Minglu 02/24/10@5p.m.
Art Historian, University of Pittsburg
Paula G. Manship Lecture
School of Architecture

Angela Danadjieva 03/17/10@5p.m.
Enviromental Designer, Danadjieva & Koenig Associates, San Francisco, CA
Paula G. Manship Lecture

Ursula Emery McClure + Michael McClure 03/24/10@5p.m.
Professors/Architects/Fellows of the American, Academy in Rome
School of Architecture


Kyoko Ibe 09/03/08@5p.m.
Installation Artist, Paper Art

Garth Johnson 09/24/08@5p.m.

Winka Dubbeldam 10/15/08@4:30p.m.
Principal, Archi-Tectonics, New York, NY

Bastienne Schmidt 10/22/08@5p.m.

Antonino Saggio 10/29/08@5p.m.
Architect/Theoretician, Digital Design

The Art Guys 10/30/08@6p.m.
Collaborative Art Team

Dorothy Glass 11/05/08@5p.m.
Art Historian, Medieval Academy of America

Nadim Khattar 11/12/08@4:30p.m.
Director, Austin Smith Lord, London, England

Miguel Rivera and Juan Miro 11/19/08@4:30p.m.
Architects, Miro Rivera Architects, Austin, TX

Ken Smith 01/21/09@5p.m.
Landscape Architect, Ken Smith Landscape Architecture, New York, NY

Maria Luisa Palumbo 01/28/09@4:30p.m.
Director of Master in Digital Architecture, National Institution of Architecture, Rome, Italy

Larry Scarpa 02/04/09@4:30p.m.
Principal, Pugh + Scarpa Architecture, Santa Monica, CA

Carol Patterson 02/11/09@4:30p.m.
Architect, OMA, London, England

Larry Sass 02/18/09@5p.m.
Architect, Director of Design Fabrication Group, MIT

James Surls 03/11/09@5p.m.
Sculptor, Carbondale, CO

Peter Frank 03/18/09@5p.m.
Contemporary Art Critic, Los Angeles CA

Laurie Olinder 03/25/09@5p.m.
Painter, Set Designer, New York, NY


Casey Reas 09/12/07@5p.m.
Digital Media, Manship Lecture Series

J. Marshall Strabala 09/12/07@4:30p.m.
Director of Design, Gensler Houston, The Gensler Architecture Lecture Series

Bill Braham 10/15/07@5p.m.
Associate Professor of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, Manship Lecture Series

EB Min & Jeff Day 10/24/07@4:30p.m.
Exhibition of Min/Day work from 10/22-11/16, The Washer Hill & Lipscomb Architecture Lecture Series

Charles Berman
Associate OMA*AMO, New York School of Architecture, The Page Southerland Page Architecture Lecture Series

Linda Norden 11/14/07@5p.m.
Art Curator, Manship Lecture

Sam Corso 11/16/07@9:30a.m

William R. Moorish 01/30/08@5p.m.
Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Virginia, Manship Lecture

Shashi Caan 02/20/08@5p.m.
Interior Designer, Manship Lecture Series

Robert Young 02/27/08@4:30p.m.
Associate Partner, Polshek Partnership Architects, The Grace and Hebert Architects Architecture Lecture Series

Donald Kunze 03/05/08@5p.m.
Professor of Architecture and Integrative Arts, Pennsylvania State University, Russell Chair Lecture

Stephen Westfall 03/12/08@5p.m.
Painter, Manship Lecture Series

Selma Catovic and Micheal Hughes 04/02/08@4:30p.m.
Catovic Hughes Design, The Ken Harry and Associates Architecture Lecture Series

Kara Walker
Artist and Professor of Visual Arts, Columbia University


Michael Sorkin 09/27/06@4:30p.m.

Anu Mathur 10/11/06@5p.m.
Landscape Architect, Manship Lecture Series

Ramesh Srinivasan 10/25/06@5p.m.
Digital Media, Manship Lecture Series

Alexander Lamis 11/01/06@4:30p.m.
Architect, Chenevert Architects Architecture Lecture Series

Peter Anderson and Mark Anderson 11/08/06@5p.m.
Architects, Washer Hill & Lipscomb Architecture Lecture Series

Bruce Anderson
Architect, Page Southernland Page Architecture Lecture Series

Ted Flato 

Architect, Washer Hill & Lipscomb Architecture Lecture Series

Shazia Sikander 02/07/07@5p.m.
Painter, Manship Lecture Series

Bill Morrison 02/14/07@5p.m.
Film Maker, Manship Lecture Series

Manual Delanda 02/28/07@4:30p.m.
Architect, Architecture Lecture Series (co-sponsored by the LSU Center for French & Francophone Studies, the LSU Department of French Studies and the LSU Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies)

Mark Harbrick 03/21/07@5p.m.
Designer, Manship Lecture Series

Carrie Scanga 03/28/07@5p.m.
Visiting Artist, School of Art Professional in Residence

Kal Spelletich 04/11/07@5p.m.
Artist, Manship Lecture Series


Kevin Risk 09/14/05
Landscape Architect

Lake Douglas 09/21/05
Landscape Architect

Ray Huff

William Stanley 11/02/05

Roberta Washington 11/16/05

Richard Gluckman 01/25/06
Architect, Manship Lecture

Erik Hemingway 02/01/06
Architect, Nadine Carter Russell Chair

Erik Spiekermann
Graphic Designer, Manship Lecture

Kara Walker
Artist, School of Art Artist in Residence

Lisa Benham 02/22/06

Niall Kirkwood 04/05/06
Landscape Architect, Manship Lecture


Marco Frascari 09/29/04
Architect, Verso and Recto: A New Perspective of Architectural Imagination

Nancy Reddin Kienholz 10/27/04
Photographer, Keinholz: A Retrospective

Peter Schjeldahl
Art Critic, What Art is For Now

Thorbjörn Anderson 03/16/05
Landscape Architect, Nine Pine Forests–Contemporary Scandinavian Landscape Design

Dorothée Imbert 03/30/05
Landscape Architect, Design Matters: A Look at Current European Landscape Practices

Peter W. Pfau

Architect, Passing Speculations on the Role of Human Emotions in Architecture


Merrill Elam 09/10/03
Architect, Recent Work

Elizabeth Murray 09/29/03
Painter, My Work

Peter Walker 10/29/03
Landscape Architect, Minimalist Gardens

Judith Joy Ross
Photographer, Not Knowing

Philip Grausman 11/19/03
Sculptor, Discovering Form

Douglas Davis 01/28/04
New Media Artist & Theorist, Co-sponsored by the Lab for Creative Arts and Technologies, a program of LSU Capital, and the Baton Rouge Video Project

Billy Collins 02/29/04
U.S. Poet Laureate 2001-2003, An Evening with Billy Collins, Co-sponsored by Readers & Writers

R. Allen Eskew 03/17/04
Architect & Planner, Tropic of Cancer @ 90º W

Eva Maddox
Interior Designer, Patterns of the Future


Christopher Pillet
Design France: Génération 2001, Supported in part by the Association Francaise d’Action Artisque, Consulate General of France, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, the LSU Center for French and Francophone Studies, and the Valorisation de I’Innovation dans l’Ameublement.

John Alexander
Art, Society and Other Forms of Madness

Eva Maddox 10/03/02
Patterns of the Future

Dan Rockhill 10/23/02
Design and Construction, Hand and Hand

Keith Carter 02/05/03
A Certain Alchemy

Athena Tacha 03/19/03
Athena Tacha://self/universe

Douglas Reed 03/26/03
Places of Sanctuary: The Domestic Garden and Therapeutic Garden


Robert Storr 10/01/01
Irony? Skepticism? Cynicism? The Slippery Language of DIsbelief in Contemporary Art

Donald Kunze 10/08/01
So Near and Yet So Far Away: Trkcy Boundaries in Mystery Stories, Film and Architecture

Lewis Watts
The Cultural Landscape: South to West Oakland: The Photographic Exploration of Traces of Experience, Culture and History in African American Environments

Xu Bing
Art by Xu Bing

Mario Schjetnan 02/06/02
Design Narrative: Architecture, Nature and the City: A Perspectivefrom Mexico

Suzanne Tillotson

Lighting in Design

Buzz Spector 03/06/02
Shelf Life: The Art of Buzz Spector


Ann Hamilton
An Artist and Her Work

Eric Owen Moss 09/27/00
Through a Glass Darkly

Frederick and Laurie Smith

N.O.I. = Space + Time = (?) Money & Power, Co-sponsored by Plan Baton Rouge and AIA-LA

Kenneth Jackson 10/11/00
The Challenge of Metropolitan Sprawl: The Past and Future of New Orleans

Alexander Garvin
Public Spaces: A Parks Agenda for the 21st Century

Gideon Sarig 01/24/01
Rock, Tree, Man & Landscape in the Biblical Land

Dan Hoffman
Building Art

Gregory Watson 02/28/01
Debris(Observing Things Relieved of Duty), Nadine Carter Russell Endowed Chair Lecture

James Elkins 03/14/01

The Unrepresentable: Recent Images in Painting, Photography, Astrophysics, Particle Physics, and “Genetic Art”

Laurie Olin 04/04/01
“Urban Landscapes”: Ecologically Diverse, Healthy, Socially Just and Spiritually Rewarding?


Jon Pickard 09/01/99
Architecture: Form and Purpose

Sandy Skoglund 

Everything Matters

Angela Danadjieva 10/06/99
Environmental Mitigation

Wang Weili, Yang Xianrang and Zhang Pingliang
Western Art from Chinese Hands

Warren Schwartz
Dialogue by Design: Realizing the New LSU Museum of Art

Robert Cahen 02/04/00
The Sight of Time

Anibal Figueroa
Contemporary Mexican Architecture: Bioclimatic Context

Richard Renfro
Light is the Messenger