Mission + Vision

Students built 4' x 8' chalkboard panels to solicit feedback about specific issues from the community.

Thinking, learning, research, and design centered on the collaborative act of making.

All aspects of our work and our curriculum, from theoretical research and analytical thinking through technological studies and innovative design studios, are centered on the collaborative act of making. As a school, we are engaged in research and design projects with specializations that link us to a variety of national and international, historical and contemporary concerns. We have a commitment to community outreach projects that connect us to the issues of our city and state. LSU School of Architecture’s diverse community of students, faculty, and staff are committed to a rigorous architectural education within a framework that supports the development of the critical and creative intelligence necessary to contribute to the future of an evolving discipline.

Our vision is based on our grounding in Louisiana’s lower Mississippi River Delta and on our aspirations to have an impact on the world beyond. The Gulf South region, with its vibrant cultural history, industrial economy, and remarkable range of urban and rural, natural and infrastructural landscapes, provides the foundation from which our students will develop the understanding, skills, creativity, and critical abilities that will allow them to engage in contemporary practice. Similarly, our strong disciplinary position within the state’s major research university allows our students and faculty to participate confidently in the cross-disciplinary dialogs and investigations that will shape the future.