Summer Art Programs in Ireland, Italy, England, Germany, France; Intersession in NYC

Art in Ireland is a studio program based at the Burren College of Art. The college, a cutting edge facility accredited by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, offers an opportunity for focused activity that draws upon the unique landscape of the Burren. This places the students in a setting where they are simultaneously surrounded by both the vastness of the Burren and an ecology that is conducive to a huge variety of plant and animal life. This becomes the inspiration for much of the work that will be created. From drawing excursions that submerge students in this extraordinary landscape to site-specific sculptures created in the environment, the Burren will engage students in new ways of seeing and experiencing art making. Click here for more information

Graphic Design in London & Berlin London is busy, noisy, and fascinating. The city’s design literacy is nurtured by generations-old signage and graphics of the London Underground, its museums of fine and applied arts, as well as the largest concentration of design and advertising firms in the world. With an array of museums and exhibitions, Berlin is a natural choice for Graphic Design. The role of Germany as an economic leader in the EU has placed Berlin in the role of a major world capital, with an ever-growing and expanding client base for graphic desigers. As a result, the growth experienced by the city in the last twenty years provides students in the program with a unique view of the juxtaposition of classical and innovative influence. Click here for more information

Printmaking in Florence will take place at the world-renown Santa Reparata International School of Art, which is located in the heart of the historical center of Florence. The program will be led by Printmaking Professor Leslie Koptcho and Painting/Drawing Professor Denyce Celentano. Located on the River Arno in the Italian region of Tuscany, Florence is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance. Here Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, and many other pivotal artists lived and created. Click here for more information

LSU in Rome  If you’ve ever wanted to experience the richness of Italian culture and its legendary lifestyle, LSU in Rome will give you that opportunity, as well as unique first-hand knowledge of the most fabled landmarks of western culture. Visit cultural sites from Ancient, Medieval, and Modern times. The heart of the Roman Empire, Rome and its influence can be seen everywhere even in today’s modern world. A full understanding of the significance of this area will be gained through numerous excursions throughout the city. Click here for more information

LSU in Paris Summer study in the Left Bank indeed affords an unforgettable experience of five weeks of concentrated classes and group excursions. Students will earn six hours of LSU credit, pursuing courses in French language, literature, culture, advertising, and cinema, all adapted to the special opportunities of Paris. In addition to overnight fieldtrips to a variety of locations in connection with coursework, faculty will lead optional short trips to sites, such as the medieval cathedral of Chartres, the opulentPalace of VersaillesMonet’s gardens at Giverny, and Auvers-sur-Oise (where Van Gogh painted). Click here for more information

Spring Intersession 2013: New York City Intersession in New York is set in the fashion capital of the United States, allowing students to meet with and see some of the major fashion houses in the industry! Students are exposed to a wide range of career opportunities in the fashion world through appointments with professionals in the field, such as: textile and apparel designers, manufacturers, retailers, buying offices, trade associations, forecasting agencies, museums, and other fashion-related agencies. While staying in Mid-town, students are centrally located to the vibrant heart of New York, within minutes of the subway. Click here for more information


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