What to Expect from the LSU School of Art

Students enjoy the Fall 2011 Grad Walk

Students in the School of Art develop specialized skills while experimenting with various mediums, exploring their own creative intuition, and studying art history and contemporary art theory. Education comes from intensive critiques, working studio classes, dedicated professors and engagement with the larger arts community through a curriculum that combines academic teaching and hands-on experiences, both on and off campus.

The School of Art promotes its students’ work in many ways: through numerous events, and at venues including the School of Art’s Glassell Gallery at the Shaw Center for the Arts, the LSU Museum of Art—also housed at the Shaw Center—and the Unusual Art Show, where students and faculty anonymously display work available for the community to purchase.

The Baton Rouge community has historically supported the arts, contributing to an environment where students are provided with the time, education, support, facilities, materials and inspiration to thrive and succeed as artists.

The School’s faculty members are accomplished working professionals—artists, designers and scholars—who represent a diverse range of approaches and areas of expertise. Yet, they all share a commitment to developing in their students the vision and understanding they will need to succeed in a world of accelerating cultural change and technological innovation.

The School of Art is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.