Art History at LSU

Art History Professor Darius Spieth Presents Research in Paris

  On May 27, 2014, Darius A. Spieth, associate professor of art history at the LSU School of Art, presented his current research at the Fondation Custodia in Paris. His talk, “Netherlandish Art in Revolutionary France: The Evolution of Taste, the Art Market, and Prices” (L’art néerlandais sous la Révolution française: Évolution du goût, du [...]

Myrsini Mamoli Receives Faculty Award of Merit for Best Doctoral Dissertation

Myrsini Mamoli, assistant professor of art history at the LSU School of Art, has received the Faculty Award of Merit for Best Doctoral Dissertation at the Georgia Tech College of Architecture. She was presented the award at a ceremony at Georgia Tech on April 25, 2014, for her PhD dissertation, “Towards a theory of reconstructing [...]

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Art History Major Shows Work at FutureFest

Jayne Butler, a graduating senior in the College of Humanities & Social Sciences with a concentration in art history turned her digital art history project (ARTH 4482) into an exhibit at Red Stick FutureFest, the celebration of art and technology held at the LSU Digital Media Center on May 9.  Butler mixed art history and digital art with her [...]

Students Research Byzantine Churches in Istanbul with Art History Professor Matt Savage

Byzantine architectural history is Assistant Professor Matt Savage’s main field of interest, and his research in this area has created opportunities for LSU undergraduates studying art history, digital art, and architecture to collaborate in two recent research initiatives. In the spring of 2012, fourth-year art history students enrolled in ARTH 4499: Constantinople set out to [...]

Art History Professor Darius Spieth Co-Organizes “Art, Mind and Markets” Conference at Yale

March 27–29, 2014 Yale School of Management Sponsored by the International Center for Finance The International Center for Finance at Yale University will host a conference on the subject of “Art, Mind and Markets,” March 27–29, 2014. Upon invitation by the director of the center, Professor William Goetzmann of the Yale School of Management, the [...]