Undergraduate Admissions

Student views ceramic pieces at the 2011 Grad WalkLSU’s School of Art offers students and graduates seven concentrations leading to the BFA or MFA in Studio Art: CeramicsDigital Art, Graphic DesignPainting and DrawingPhotographyPrintmaking, and Sculpture. Please refer to the Art History webpage for details concerning admission to the MA in Art History.

The School of Art seeks motivated, enthusiastic students regardless of previous background in the visual arts; however, admission into the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art program is a selective two-part process.

Foundation Year

The first part of the admission process occurs when a student who is accepted by LSU indicates an preference for Art as their major. The primary tool for identifying candidates to enter the Studio Art Foundation program is a review of high school academic gpa and ACT or SAT scores. However, students who think they would be better represented by a personal interview to show an existing portfolio should contact the School of Art office to schedule an on-campus meeting. Students who have been accepted for admission into the Foundations Program will be notified in writing. Students who are not accepted into one of the major concentrations may complete the minor in Fine Art.

Selective admission to Three Year Concentration

The second phase of the admission process for the BFA in Studio Art takes place upon completion of the freshman year. Students submit a portfolio of work created in their first-year foundation courses. Students who successfully pass this review may pursue one of the three-year concentrations in Studio Art and any studio art minor concentration listed in the LSU General Catalog.

Transfer students

Transfer students from other LSU programs and from other universities will be considered according to the same standards. Individuals not admitted directly to a professional concentration will not have access to courses other than those listed in the first two semesters (The Foundation Year) of the BFA curriculum. Transfer credit is accepted for degree credit if the completed courses are equivalent of degree work at the LSU School of Art, as determined by portfolio evaluation and the school director.

Guidelines for optional portfolio submission

If you prefer the School of Art to review your creative work when it considers your application to the Foundation Year, the portfolio you provide should consist of 12-20 examples of you work completed during the previous year. Choose pieces that exhibit a broad range of your skills. Please include:

  • a self-portrait from life
  • work in both color and black and white media
  • three drawings from observation

Please do not include work copied from photographs.
Other works may represent paintings, design, sculpture, photography, prints, or crafts.

Portfolios may be submitted in many formats– original work, on a disc with digital images, or in 35 mm slide form. Links to websites are acceptable.


For additional information on the program, minors, and curricula, please consult the LSU General Catalog.