Student Organizations

A student browses the pottery sale put on by CASA, the Ceramic Art Student Association

Pottery sale in LSU's Free Speech Alley, put on by CASA, the Ceramic Art Student Association


Student Organizations provide a valuable service to the University community by promoting leadership development, community spirit, activism, public service, and social and cultural interactions. LSU’s student organizations sponsor seminars, lectures, debates, cultural and social events, and fine arts programs. These programs allow LSU students to meet and interact with local, state, and nationally renowned scholars, artists, politicians, academicians, and other professionals.

Student organization members spend countless volunteer hours participating in service projects for campus and community efforts. In the course of planning and implementing organizational activities, registered student organizations need information on the use of University facilities, budgeting, planning techniques and a myriad of special arrangement concerns.

The LSU Student Organization handbook is designed to provide an easily used reference guide for members of registered student organizations.* It contains information regarding many University services and several suggestions for student leaders to use in making their organizations more productive and effective. This booklet does not provide answers to all of an organization’s questions or outline special cases, but it is a helpful reference.

*For official University rules and regulations consult the Code of Student Conduct, University Policy Statements, and Permanent Memoranda. Information included is subject to change. Student organizations should consult the LSU Campus Life website for updates on policies and procedures, and always consult with the appropriate University personnel when clarification is needed.