Undergraduate Painting & Drawing Curriculum

Student draws outdoors on campusLSU is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art & Design. Through the College of Art + Design, the School of Art offers the professional BFA degree in Studio Art with concentrations in ceramics, graphic design, painting and drawing, photography, printmaking and sculpture.

For additional information on the BFA curriculum and minoring in Painting & Drawing, please consult the LSU General Catalog.

Studio Art Foundations (24 credits)

All School of Art students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts curriculum participate in a Foundation Year that includes studio art fundamentals and core courses. For students intending to concentrate in Painting and Drawing these courses include:

  • ART 1011 (2-D Design)
  • ART 1012 (3-D Design)
  • ART 1847 (Drawing and Composition)
  • ART 2050 (Digital Art I)
  • ART 1848 (Beginning Figure Drawing)
  • ART 1762 (Sculpture I)
  • ART 1849 (Intro to Painting)
  • one of the following: 1361/1371 (Printmaking), 1551 (Basic Design), 1661 (Ceramics), 2655 (Jewelry Making), 2995 (Photography)

Painting and Drawing Concentration (33 hrs.)

Three credit hours each of:

  • ART 2879 (Figure Drawing II)
  • ART 4800 (Senior Project Painting)
  • ART 4880 (Figure Painting)
  • ART 4881 (Painting III)
  • ART 4884 (Painting IV)
  • ART 4887 (Advanced Figure Drawing III)
  • ART 4889 (Advanced Drawing Workshop)

Six credit hours of:

  • ART 2881 (Painting II)

Three credit hours from:

  • ART 4800, 4881, 4882 (Advanced Water Media), 4884, or 4886 (Landscape Painting)

Three credit hours from:

  • ART 4887 or 4889

Art History Requirements (15 credits)

  • ART 1440 (Historical Survey of the Arts: Prehistoric-Medieval)
  • ART 1441 (Historical Survey of the Arts: Renaissance-Modern)
  • three credit hours above 2000
  • six credit hours above 4400

General Electives (0-6 credits)

General Education Requirements

Students must complete 39 hours of course work in six major areas as required by the University:

  • English composition (six hours)
  • Analytical reasoning (six hours)
  • Arts (three hours)
  • Humanities (nine hours)
  • Natural sciences (nine hours)
  • Social sciences (six hours)

For the suggested curriculum, please refer to the outline in the LSU General Catalog.

For the course listing and descriptions of ART courses offered by LSU, please refer to the LSU General Catalog ART listing.

For complete details, please refer to the LSU General Catalog.