Digital Art Admissions


Undergraduate Admissions

The School of Art seeks motivated, enthusiastic students regardless of previous background in the visual arts; however, admission into the Bachelor in Fine Arts in Studio Art program is a selective two-part process.

Foundation Program

The first phase occurs when a student who is admitted by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions indicates a preference for studio art, where the primary tools for selecting candidates are high school academic GPA, and ACT or SAT scores. However, students who think they would be better represented with an existing portfolio should contact the School of Art office to schedule an on-campus interview. Students who are approved for admission into the Foundations Program will be notified in writing. Students who are not approved may choose to pursue a Minor in Fine Art.

Three Year Concentration

The second phase of the Digital Art admission process takes place roughly one month before the end of the foundation year with the completion of: ART 1011 2D Design, 1012 3D Design, 1847 Drawing Composition and 2050 Digital Art I. At this time students will submit a portfolio of creative work specified in the Digital Art Selective Admissions Guide, based on art work produced in the required first-year foundation courses. The remaining foundations courses will be completed in fourth semester. Students transferring from a different program or school should contact a College of Art & Design Academic Counselor to substitute any of the above courses. Those who pass the portfolio review may pursue the Digital Art concentration and any studio art minor listed in the LSU General Catalog. Accepted students often pursue a minor in Film Media Arts and/or Digital Media (AVATAR).


Graduate Admissions

The Master of Fine Arts is a three-year program. The Digital Art area seeks highly motivated applicants from diverse backgrounds with a passion for experimentation, a collaborative spirit and a commitment to excellence in digital media pursuits. Students are required to complete 60 credit hours of course work, a thesis paper, a public presentation, and an oral defense of their work.

Graduate applicants must apply to both the LSU Graduate School and to the School of Art.

To apply to LSU, visit the LSU Graduate School website for a checklist of required materials and admission standards. The website includes an online application form, along with instructions for paying your application fee and submitting transcripts and test scores.

To apply to the Digital Art MFA program at the School of Art, complete an application at Your application will include:

  1. Portfolio including 10-20 examples of recent work in still image or video format. Interactive, web-based and installation work, etc should be presented through documentation in still image or video format. Please limit submissions including video to no more than 10 minutes total, including excerpts when necessary to meet this requirement.
  2. Description of works, including: titles, dates completed, size, and media and/or urls.
  3. Resume of artistic accomplishments
  4. Letter of intent describing the conceptual framework of your art practice, your background, your artistic direction and your reasons for applying to our graduate program at this time. Letters should be approximately 500 words.
  5. Three Letters of Recommendation

Admissions are selective. Your application is evaluated on the basis your portfolio, letter of intent, grade point average, and letters of recommendation.

Applications must be received by February 1 to be considered for Fall Semester admission. Students are seldom admitted in January, however applications can be made and must be received by October 15 for Spring Semester consideration.

For more information please visit the School of Art Graduate Admissions page.