Our Donors

A Donor’s Story

Martha Richard and Eva Rodriguez

Thomas Byron Smith Memorial Scholarship recipient Eva Rodriguez meets Martha Richard in the Robert Reich Courtyard outside the Design Building.

Martha Richard never attended LSU, but she recognizes how the university has impacted her life. After her husband’s death, Richard began celebrating his birthday by giving to the Thomas Byron Smith Memorial Scholarship. The award is given to an upper class student studying architecture at LSU. “I want it to go to somebody who is committed to the program,” Richard shared. This year, which would have been Smith’s 70th birthday, Eva Rodriguez was named the scholarship recipient. Richard shared that establishing the scholarship is something she knows her late husband would have wanted. “Because of what LSU provided to him as far as income and improving his life, he accomplished so much.” Read more.

Our Donors

The College of Art & Design gratefully acknowledges the alumni & individuals and corporate sponsors who made gifts in support of our mission. Recognized below are gifts of $1,000 and above made July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015.

Gifts from Corporate Sponsors

Chevron, Inc.

Board of Regents for Higher Education
Tipton Associates

Friends of Hilltop Arboretum, Inc.

Baton Rouge Area Foundation
Bradley-Blewster & Associates
Keith LeBlanc Landscape Architect, Inc.
Louisiana Nursery & Landscape Foundation
Southern Garden Symposium

Jeffrey K. Carbo, FASLA, Landscape Architects, LLC
Letterman’s Blueprint & Supply Company
STUN Design and Interactive

Cap’s Design Studio
Chasm Architecture, LLC
Cornerstone Commercial Flooring
Office of James Burnett, Inc.
Salisbury Family Charitable Fund
Thomas Family Fund
Tillotson Design Associates, Inc.
VOA Associates, Inc.
WHR Architects, Inc.

Gifts from Alumni & Individuals

Judith P. Betts
Estate of Paula G. Manship
Linda B. Salisbury and John W. Salisbury Jr.
Succession of R. A. Eskew
Succession of Fred D. Manis

Estate of Susannah S. Richard
Patrick C. Moore, BLA ’79
Judith T. Patrick, MD, and Kirk A. Patrick Jr., MD

Bruce A. Beard
Wanda Metz Chase, BLA ’84
Keith P. LeBlanc, BLA ’79
Laura F. Lindsay
Douglas P. Reed, BLA ’78
William A. Reich, BLA ’76
Robert S. Reich Sr.
Martha T. Richard
Elizabeth M. Thomas, BID ’72, and Newton B. Thomas
Genevieve M. Trimble
John G. Turner and Jerry G. Fischer
Suzanne L. Turner and Scott W. Purdin
William C. Welch, PhD

Tracey A. Banowetz and David P. Banowetz Jr.
Shannon Blakeman, BLA ’99
Carroll Blewster Jr., BArch ’78
Lynn Bradley, BArch ’71
Jeffrey K. Carbo, BLA ’85
Mike Lanaux Jr., BLA ’94
Tim J. Orlando, BLA ’83

Randall D. Broussard, BArch ’72
James D. Burnett, BLA ’83
Jesse D. Cannon Jr., BArch ’72, and Mary A. Cannon
Charles A. Caplinger III, BLA ’67
Stephen M. Chapman V, BLA ’86, and Cynthia B. Chapman
Nathaniel O. Clark, BArch ’96
Shaun S. Duncan
Jori A. Erdman
James E. Furr, BArch ’69, and Mary J. Furr
Robert T. Grissom, MD
Kenneth R. Harry, BArch ’67, and Maris S. Harry
Nancy B. Kral and Kenneth J. Kral
Heather L. Neyer, BID ’95
Roger H. Ogden
Marvin R. Ragland Jr., BArch ’80, and Lauren M. Ragland
David L. Risinger, MLA ’78
Rebel E. Roberts III, BArch ’71
Nadine Carter Russell
John Saer Jr.
Jeffrey C. Stouffer, BArch ’84, and Gayle Stouffer
Suzan A. Tillotson, BID ’81
Elizabeth F. Thomas, MLA ’89
John A. Thomas, MD
Ronald G. Trageser Jr., BLA ’90
David M. Underwood