Computer Requirements

lsu interior design student in studio

Students accepted into the second year of the interior design program, whether through selective admissions or transfer evaluation, are required to have their own personal laptop computer, required software, and other required equipment as listed in the document below. The computer, with software installed, and other equipment must be ready to use by the first day of class. Technology specifications are updated each summer.

We recommend that students wait to purchase this laptop until the start of their second year and their acceptance into the professional program. Waiting until then allows the student to purchase the most up-to-date laptop and increases the likelihood that the laptop will be useful through graduation. We recommend that student purchase a basic laptop or desktop computer to meet e-mail, social networking, and word-processing needs for first-year coursework. Additionally, LSU has numerous computer labs for student use.

Please note that students may purchase a PC or a Mac laptop. However, be aware that most of the programs we use, teach, and specify are PC based. Computer courses teach only the PC version of the software. Any problems arising from formatting or running programs on Windows for Macintosh and subsequent interfaces such as Boot Camp or Parallels are solely the responsibility of the student.

2017 School of Interior Design Computer Requirements