Design Studio

The design studio is the heart of LSU’s landscape architecture curriculum. In the studio, students discuss their work directly with the instructor and classmates, with strategies, words and images flowing freely among all. The instructor critiques design work, challenging the student to seek the most creative and appropriate solution to any given problem.

Throughout the five-year sequence of landscape architecture studios, a variety of design problems are assigned. These range in scale and complexity from small garden spaces to large urban and regional projects. The experience and knowledge gained from one project is applied to the next as new design considerations are systematically introduced. The studio experience not only exposes students to many of the real life problems they may encounter as professionals, but teaches a range of methods to problem-solving, referred to as the design process.


In addition to the LSU scholarships awarded to students of any major, there are several landscape architecture design scholarships: Helen Reich Memorial Scholarship, Edward and Yvonne Harvey Scholarship, Kay Ward Seale Memorial Award, Torre Design Award, Atwell Champion Scholarship, Andrew J. Hart Scholarship, William E. Hornsey Memorial Woods & Water Scholarship, Alice Hovey Littlefield Memorial Scholarship, and the ASLA Scholarship. All landscape students are encouraged to apply every spring.


The LSU School of Landscape Architecture is reknown for its rich and extensive off-campus educational opportunities. The School sponsors field trips throughout the year to the northeast, west coast, Florida, Texas, and Georgia. Beyond the United States, the School organizes opportunities for students to travel, study and work in Mexico, Asia, and Europe. The value of students’ experiences from these trips is immense, and further expanded when they return to the studio and classroom.


Excellent facilities such as the Computer Aided Design and Graphic Information systems Lab (CADGIS), the Visual Resource Library, and the Design Workshop, enhance the overall learning experience.

Student Activities

Landscape architecture students take most of their professional courses in the College of Art and Design complex of facilities, mixing with students and faculty of the related disciplines. Permanent work stations are assigned to all students. The student chapter of ASLA is active in the School and in community service. This student organization is open to all landscape architecture majors and provides opportunities to meet and interact with other students and practicing landscape architects in professional and social settings.

Instruction and experience in the topics listed comprise the professional component of the curriculum


  • Problem solving
  • Drawing as a tool in the design process
  • Two- and three-dimensional design
  • Composition
  • Design and planning theory and methods

Technical Knowledge

  • Materials
  • Grading and drainage
  • Construction/structures
  • Codes and standards
  • Professional practice
  • Specifications


  • Written and verbal presentation
  • Design drawing (process graphics)
  • Presentation graphics
  • CADD
  • Model making
  • 3D computer modeling
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)