What are the studio spaces like?

In the MLA program, each class will typically consist of 12-18 students, sharing a studio space in the Design Building. Studios are in 24-hour accessible rooms with locks, and the school provides drafting desks and drafting stools for students. Students are encouraged to customize their studio space, which may consist of two or more drafting desks, with drafting lamps, micro-fridges, microwaves, and other items that make the space more comfortable.

Is there any opportunity to study abroad?

Yes! The Landscape Architecture School has many opportunities for graduate students to study abroad, including (but not limited to) Spring Break field trips (past locations have been France, Germany, Brazil, and East and West Coast U.S.), Summer study-abroad (the LSU Landscape Architecture Rome Program is in its inaugural year), and other faculty-led trips (Professor Bruce Sharky will be leading an Alaska trip in August 2011).

Are grad assistantships available?

Yes. Typically, the school will award a limited number of assistantships to incoming graduate students based on their initial application. Grad Assistants (GA’s) work in varying capacities, including doing research for a professor, working in the CADGIS, CSS or TiKi labs, and writing FAQ for the Landscape Architecture website.

What is the recommended course load?

Incoming graduate students will take 15 credit-hours, and the courses are predetermined. Full-time student status in the graduate school is at least 9 credit hours, but students are encouraged to take 15 credit-hours except under special circumstances.

I am planning on having a part-time job outside of school. Is this possible?

The graduate program at LSU is designed for a heavy course load under the 15 credit-hour plan. The studio course is 6 credit-hours, but will often require late nights and studying on weekends. Graduate students are expected to complete school work on their own time. To talk to students about how much free time they should expect to have for other activities, feel free to contact a current student here.

Do I have to have a car to get to school? (And other commute questions)

There are a number of ways that students commute to LSU, including by car, bus, bike, and walking. Living within a few miles of campus will facilitate biking to school, though living nearer to school, such as in the North Gate area, will bring the student within walking distance. LSU Tiger Trails is the LSU bus system, and runs on frequent intervals during the school day, which can be another easy option for getting to school. Car commuting requires that the student purchase a parking permit ($100/year) which allows the student to park ion a number of satellite lots on the outskirts of campus. Because bicycles can be parked just outside the Design Building, bike commuting is the most popular option for students.

What skills (computer, artistic) should I have before I attend the MLA program?

As with all design programs, skills in certain areas will certainly help for any entering student. However, students are selected to the program on the basis that they have the potential to succeed, regardless of their prior technical proficiency with computer or analog artistic elements. Students will take classes that teach both digital and hand rendering techniques. Digital programs that the school teaches include, but are not limited to: AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Acrobat/InDesign, 3D Studio Max, and ArcGIS.