Why Louisiana?

Where We Live

Known for its great people, its unique food and its lively music, Louisiana has something for everyone—especially artists and designers.

Baton Rouge, the state capital, is a thriving city that is home to both LSU and Southern University and numerous businesses and industrial facilities. Situated on the Mississippi River, Baton Rouge represents the best of Louisiana’s vibrant culture, and is a fantastic jumping-off place for exploring the rest of the region.


The Baton Rouge area has a semi-tropical climate that sets the scene for year-round outdoor sports and activities with mild and short winters, fabulous falls, and glorious springs.

The physical setting of southern Louisiana and the lower Mississippi delta region provides an invaluable resource for the study of architecture and landscape architecture. Investigation of this shifting and fluid context results in the construction of frameworks useful for the the study of architectural issues that have both local and global import.

Colorful Culture

Louisiana has arguably the most colorful history and fascinating culture of any state in the  nation. In what other state could you visit the battleground where a ragtag group of solders repelled a British invasion with the help of a notorious outlaw pirate? Visitors can learn about many of the most interesting parts of general American history right here in Louisiana. From the National World War II Museum in New Orleans to the Sci-Port Discovery Center in Shreveport, and the countless museums, art galleries, zoos, and cultural and historical sites statewide, there is a lifetime of learning to do in Louisiana. Visit the official Tourism Site of Louisiana for all things Louisiana!