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Malia Krolak

K. Malia Krolak

Gallery Coordinator

225-389-7180 | 100 Lafayette Street |

College of Art & Design

Malia Krolak coordinates all aspects of the Alfred C. Glassell Jr. Exhibition Gallery in the Shaw Center for the Arts in downtown Baton Rouge. She is responsible for all daily operations of the art gallery including curating, donor relations and development, publicity, marketing, exhibition layout and design, artist relations, shipping, registration, educational programming, event planning, grant writing, and long term exhibition planning. She manages projects from conception through fruition. She also manages planning, budgeting, and scheduling; training graduate and undergraduate gallery assistants; presenting program highlights at meetings and conferences; and soliciting new exhibitions. Malia writes and/or designs exhibition catalogues, brochures, and support materials for the gallery and the School of Art, sometimes in collaboration with the Graphic Design Student Office. Inquiries regarding venue rental of the gallery for special events should be communicated to Malia via

Malia won grand prize in the first-grade coloring contest and won again in the fourth grade—that time the prize included tickets to the circus. Since those glory days, she has lived on a 35-foot sail boat, visited China twice and Italy once, enjoyed countless movies and books, and learned how to weld. College was so delightful that Krolak earned degrees in philosophy, ceramics, and art history before going out and getting a real job (still at a school) as the gallery director for the Louisiana State University School of Art. Besides thinking about art and curating art exhibitions, Malia enjoys receiving handwritten letters, sitting under trees, and making Chinese dumplings. Her favorite color is artichoke but that fact is subject to change without notice.