Master of Architecture

The School of Architecture is a leader in building exemplary professional expertise and rigorous scholarship on the built environment through diverse perspectives, knowledge integration and applied research emerging from the Mississippi delta and engaging global environments. Strategic Plan.

Based on the mission statement outlined above, the MArch curriculum comprises of courses in history, theory, sustainability, building technology, digital fabrication, and urbanism. The MArch is a NAAB accredited degree that consists of 96 credits and takes a minimum of three years to complete (see curriculum below). Applicants are NOT required to hold an undergraduate degree in architecture to apply for the MArch degree. However, applicants with a pre-professional degree in architecture may qualify for advanced-standing status. Curriculum for advanced standing students typically consists of 60 credits and takes a minimum of two years to complete. All graduate students are required to complete 36 hours of graduate-level coursework, 18 hours of which must be at the 7000 level. The MArch program is a STEM designated degree.

Forward inquiries on MArch curriculum or admission to or +1-225-578-6885.

Master of Architecture Curriculum

Fall I

  • ARCH 4003 Intensive Design Studio (6)
  • ARCH 7007 Modern Architecture (3)
  • ARCH 7600 Media and Representation (3)
  • ARCH 3051 Structures I (3)

Spring I

  • ARCH 7001 Graduate Design Studio I (6)
  • ARCH 7008 Contemporary Architecture History & Theory (3)
  • ARCH 2042 Environmental Systems I (3)
  • ARCH 3052 Structures II (3)


  • ARCH 7002 Graduate Design Studio II (6)

Fall II

  • ARCH 7003 Graduate Design Studio III (6)
  • ARCH 5003 Advanced Architectural Topics (3)
  • ARCH 4993 Advanced Computer Aided Architectural Graphics (3)
  • ARCH 3043 Materials and Methods II (3)

Spring II

  • ARCH 7004 Graduate Design Studio IV (6)
  • ARCH 3044 Environmental Systems II (3)
  • ARCH 5006 Professional Practice (3)
  • Approved Elective (3)

Fall III

  • ARCH 7005 Graduate Design Studio V (6)
  • ARCH 7071 Research Methods (3)
  • Approved Elective (3)
  • Approved Elective (3)

Spring III

  • ARCH 7006 Graduate Design Studio VI (6)
  • ARCH 5005 Advanced Architectural Techniques (3)
  • Approved Elective (3)
  • Approved Elective (3)


  • Students have the option to study off campus for 6 to 12 hours total.
  • Approved electives should support the pedagogical mission of the program. All approved electives are determined under advisement with the graduate coordinator.
  • Pre-requisites include physics, college algebra/trigonometry, and history equivalents to ARCH 2007 and ARCH 2008 as described in the LSU Course Catalog.