The School of Architecture offers two options for studying architecture at the graduate level, designed to meet the needs of today’s diverse student population. Students without pre-professional degrees are required to complete 36 hours of graduate-level coursework, 18 hours of which must be at the 7000 level, a sequence that typically takes three-and-a-half years. Students with pre-professional degrees are required to complete a minimum of 36 credit hours, of which 15 hours must be at the 7000 level, which generally takes two years to complete. Courses and studios focus on history, theory, sustainability, digital media, and the metropolis provide students with the knowledge to solve real-life problems in the built environment. Studio projects focus on spatial design, Louisiana coastal issues, dynamic systems, tectonic, cultures, and context.

Students with questions about the curriculum should schedule an appointment with a counselor at the LSU Graduate School.

Master of Architecture Curriculum

Fall I

  • ARCH 4003 Intensive Design Studio (6)
  • ARCH 7007 Modern Architecture (3)
  • ARCH 7600 Media and Representation (3)
  • CM 2501 Structures I (3)

Spring I

  • ARCH 7001 Graduate Design Studio I (6)
  • ARCH 7008 Contemporary Architecture History & Theory (3)
  • ARCH 4993 Advanced Computer-Aided Architectural Graphics (3)
  • ARCH 3004 Structures II (3)


  • ARCH 7002 Graduate Design Studio II (6)

Fall II

  • ARCH 7003 Graduate Design Studio III (6)
  • ARCH 4440 Vernacular Architecture & Material Culture (3)
  • ARCH 4031 Architecture Structures III (3)
  • ARCH 3007 Architectural Systems (3)

Spring II

  • ARCH 7004 Graduate Design Studio IV (6)
  • ARCH 3008 Environmental Control Systems (3)
  • ARCH 5006 Professional Practice (3)
  • Approved Elective (3)

Fall III

  • ARCH 7005 Graduate Design Studio V (6)
  • ARCH 4700 Research Methods (3)
  • Approved Elective (3)
  • Approved Elective (3)

Spring III

  • ARCH 7006 Graduate Design Studio VI (6)
  • ARCH 5005 Advanced Architectural Techniques (3)
  • Approved Elective (3)
  • Approved Elective (3)


  • Students have the option to study off campus for 6 to 12 hours total.
  • Approved electives should support the pedagogical mission of the program. All approved electives are determined under advisement with the graduate coordinator.
  • Pre-requisites include physics, college algebra/trigonometry, and history equivalents to ARCH 2007 and ARCH 2008 as described in the LSU Course Catalog.

Degree Requirements

At least 36 hours at the 7000 level or above, exclusive of any type of independent studies credit except for special project credit earned. All of the undergraduate courses listed above are considered background courses and do not count toward the degree, but they are required unless advanced placement has been granted. The Graduate Curriculum Committee may approve substitutions, but all students must meet the minimum requirements described above.