Graduate Assistantships

Assistantships are awarded each year.

The School of Architecture has assistantships available for advanced placement, post-professional degrees, and continuing students in their second year of graduate study. Assistantships are awarded each year based on academic credentials and design portfolios. Applicants for advanced placement or post-professional degrees are automatically considered for assistantships and will be notified if an assistantship is awarded. For continuing students, the application process begins in April of each year. The awards consist of a monetary payment and tuition remission. In exchange, graduate assistants will be assigned as teaching or research assistants to various architecture faculty. Additionally, the school may offer assistantships, when available, to assist faculty with research grants. The LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio, a trans-disciplinary program of the College of Art & Design, the College of Engineering, and the School of the Coast & Environment, offers assistantships, as well.

Download the Graduate Assistantship Application form.