Joseph Popadic

Professor Emeritus

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Landscape Architecture

Professor Emeritus Joseph Popadic retired from LSU in 2005, after serving the Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture as a professor for 33 years. Retirement is proving to be an exciting and enjoyable phase of personal growth for Professor Popadic. It has freed time for the multitude of activities that have always been an important part of his life.  He enjoys a variety of hobbies and pursuits, some continuing and some newfound. He is grateful for the ability to spend time with his family. They travel frequently and enjoy discovering new places and experiences. Popadic is active in scouting, a volunteer activity that helps him think younger and allows him to continue his interest in the outdoors.  He is helping BREC with the planning and design of greenways and blueways, and is very active in BREC’s new trail systems. This is a unique opportunity that allows him to be in the midst of some new trends that are shaping our community. Possibly the greatest benefit of working on the trail systems is the ability to meet and work with community professionals, many of whom are former students who are now leaders in the profession.