3D Print Job Process

  1. Email your prints to
  2. Ensure that files are sent in .3mf format.
  3. Use the following file naming format: firstandlastname_materialcolor_classnumber: e.g.- johnsmith_blue_ARCH4031.
  4. Once the file is correctly submitted, we will verify if it is printable.
  5. If the file is not printable, we will send it and provide recommendations for fixes. Check the “resource” page for helpful information.
  6. When the file is water-tight, clean, contains only solid model bodies, and is correctly scaled, we will slice your model and provide a price quote.
  7. Printing will not proceed until the client agrees to the price.
  8. Once the price is agreed upon, we will print your job using the most suitable 3D printer.
  9. When the job is completed, we will notify you via email about pickup.
  10. Payment is required at the time of pickup, and you can use TigerCASH, provide a check to the front office, or use a grant code.

Print Costs

  • FDM (Filament):
    • PLA: $0.10 per gram
    • Markforged PLA: $0.15 per gram
  • SLA (Resin):
    • Standard Resin: $0.20 per ml
    • Elastic / Flexible Resin: $0.25 per ml

Printers Available

  • Form 2 (2)
  • Form 3 (2)
  • Prusa (4)
  • Ultimaker S5
  • Raise3D Pro 2 Plus (2)
  • Markforged Onyx Pro
  • Wasp Clay 2040 Ceramic 3D printers (2)
  • Potterbot 9 Ceramic 3D Printer

Model Checklist:

  1. Did you submit your file with the correct name format?
  2. Is it a valid Polysurface? (Type in “What” into the command bar in Rhino to check validity)
  3. Is it a closed Polysurface?
  4. Is the model scaled to the correct size?
  5. Does the scaled size fit within the build volume? (You can select your model and type in “Bounding Box to double-check the dimensions)
  6. Is your model at least 1/16″ thick?
  7. Ensure that the .3mf file contains ONLY what you want printed. Export selected geometry to a new Rhino file and save it as .3mf to ensure accuracy.

Printing QR Codes

QR Code Formlabs Design Guide

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Preparing Rhino Files

Preparing Rhino Files

QR code 3D Printing Check

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