Richard Doubleday

Richard Doubleday

Associate Professor & Graduate Coordinator

225-578-7842 | 322 Art Building
rdoubleday@lsu.edu |

Art/Graphic Design BFA Massachusetts College of Art and Design
MFA Boston University

Richard B. Doubleday is a graphic designer and educator with a specific interest in history. He is an associate professor in the College of Art & Design and held a Fulbright Fellowship where he was a Senior Scholar at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. His research lies in charting and examining the dramatic change in modern graphic design that has flourished when China adopted a market-oriented economy in the aftermath of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Doubleday’s research reveal’s modern Chinese graphic design activities profound affect on the developing contemporary visual language of design in China in an aesthetic, cultural, and design historical context.

Doubleday has more than 20 years of professional experience working at notable design firms including Gary Fujiwara Design, Rothman Partners, Inc. Architects, and Lincoln Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a United States Department of Defense research and development center applying a broad array of advanced technologies to meet critical national security needs. His industry experience has served as a platform for his academic career.

Doubleday has taught workshops around the world including China, Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru and has led study abroad programs in China, London, and The Netherlands. He has exhibited his poster designs at many local, national, and international events and competitions around the globe including the Golden Bee, Moscow Biennale of Graphic Design and the International Poster Triennial in Toyama, Japan.

Doubleday has presented lectures and papers on his research in motion graphics, contemporary cultural identity, and graphic design history at recent meetings in China with the support of the Institute of International Education (IIE) and East Asia-Pacific Regional Travel Program, American Indonesian Exchange Foundation (AMINEF). He has also presented papers on his fieldwork at current conferences of international biennials of the poster and SECAC (formerly the Southeastern College Art Conference).

Doubleday is a contributing author of Dialectic, a scholarly journal of thought leadership, education and practice in the discipline of visual communication design (Ann Arbor, MI, USA: Michigan publishing, 2017), Graphic: 500 Designs that Matter (London, UK: Phaidon Press, 2017), and Ornament and Initial: Beauty of Graphic Design, 17-20th Century (Tokyo: PIE Books, 2014). He has been published extensively in leading graphic design journals and is currently researching and writing Design Science of Encyclopedia of China (Beijing: Encyclopedia of China Publishing House ECPH and Tsinghua University). Doubleday is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Design (DDes) in Cultural Preservation.


ART 4541 Special Topics in Graphic Design, Typography: Form and Meaning
ART 4541 Special Topics in Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
ART 4561 Survey of Graphic Design History
ART 4564 Senior Graphic Design Capstone
ART 4555 Senior Graphic Design Portfolio
ART 7500 Graduate Graphic Design Seminar