Leslie Friedman

Leslie Friedman

Assistant Professor

225-578-5411 | B26 Foster
lfriedman@lsu.edu |

Art/Printmaking, Foundations BA Brown University
MFA Temple University

Leslie Friedman is an artist and educator who specializes in printmaking, sculpture, and installation. She has a BA in political theory from Brown University and an MFA in printmaking from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University. Between her undergraduate and graduate course of study, Friedman spent two and a half years living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she built a screenprinting studio in her apartment. Friedman is an active player in the alternative gallery world. In 2011, she cofounded NAPOLEON, and art collective comprised of 10 artist and curatorial members with a gallery space in Philadelphia’s Chinatown. In 2014, Friedman completed a fellowship at the Center for Emerging Visual Artists and won the Fleisher Wind Challenge. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally with some highlights including solo shows at Space 1026 in Philadelphia, Gallery (401) in Providence, and the Delaware Contemporary in Wilmington. Her work deals with political and social themes such as identity, simulacra, stereotype, gender, and religion.


ART 1008 Introduction to Two-Dimensional Composition
ART 2360 Intermediate Printmaking
ART 2392 Digital Printmaking
ART 4300 Senior Projects in Printmaking
ART 4360 Advanced Printmaking
ART 4366 Special Studies in Printmaking
ART 7042 Graduate Teaching Seminar