Matt Morris

Matthew Morris


225-578-5411 | 220 Design Building
morrisma@lsu.edu |

Art/Painting + Drawing MFA San Diego State University

Matt Morris is a visual artist with an MFA in painting, photography, and printmaking from San Diego State University. During his time in southern California, Morris was awarded first place in the Los Angeles Artcore competition by Roland Reiss. After graduate school he spent 10 years in Bavaria and had the opportunity to exhibit his work extensively in Germany and France, including a solo show at Parsons Paris School of Design. Morris often works with combinations of media to deliver messages about our perception of the natural world around us: “There is typically a function served by each medium, or simply by the mixture of them. When you see an image that exists solely in one medium, however, my hope is that I have managed to stay on point and that it makes sense with the others. I wouldn’t say that I am covering ground never before trespassed, nor solving problems never before posed. But I do hope to offer some novel solutions to pictorial problems that one doesn’t often see. I don’t make pictures simply for myself. Rather I wish to join a continuum of intellectual activity regarding picture making, and to make relevant contributions to it.”