First President’s Millennial Scholar in College of Art & Design

Female student in purple football jersey by colorful sculpture

Kayla Hall in the LSU sculpture garden.

Kayla Hall, BFA candidate, is the first President’s Millennial Scholar of the College of Art & Design.

The President’s Millennial Scholars Program (PMSP) is a newly created four-year retention and preparation program targeted to underrepresented student populations for success during and after college by providing access to transformational opportunities that might not be easily accessed.

The professional preparation program was designed to provide undergraduates with necessary skills for success during and after college. Students are invited to apply prior to their first year at LSU and are required to complete a comprehensive application and review process in hopes of being selected as a scholar.

“Selected students demonstrate academic excellence, outstanding leadership abilities and articulate an understanding of diversity and how they will succeed in college,” said Dr. Kenya LeNoir Messer, Associate Vice Provost, Office of Diversity, Office of Academic Affairs.

In the first two years, the program concentrates on a student-centered approach to ensure academic and personal development. The last two years will highlight career and professional development with a focus on internships and professional opportunities. “The program is targeted to high achieving underrepresented students in their first year at LSU,” she said.

“On behalf of the College of Art & Design, we’re pleased that Kayla has been recognized,” said Dana Mitchell, Assistant Dean of Recruitment & Diversity, College of Art & Design.

“Kayla is an impressive young woman and we are thrilled to have her as a member of the newest cohort,” LeNoir Messer said.

Hall said she was thrilled to learn that she had been selected to be a Presidential Millennial Scholar. “I feel gratitude and amazement to be an addition to such a great program.”

Hall is pursuing a studio arts degree at LSU because she loves to create. “I chose the LSU College of Art & Design to do what I love most: create art,” she said. “I’d rather spend my years learning/doing something that truly makes me happy and constantly challenges me than settle for mediocrity.”

While at LSU she intends to explore and do various internships to gain experience. She has ambitious post-graduation plans: “After undergrad, I plan to attend graduate school. After graduation I’d love to work as a story board artist for Disney Animations or Pixar, and then go on to work at a small scale design company. Once I gain years of experience, I want become an art director.”

“The goal is to provide these students access to transformational opportunities that might not be easily accessed,” LeNoir Messer said.