Master of Landscape Architecture

The Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture offers professional degree programs leading to the Master of Landscape Architecture for both students with and without pre-professional degrees. Applicants with undergraduate qualifications in any discipline will be considered for the three-year Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA 1) program. Applicants with an accredited degree in landscape architecture or architecture or with advanced standing may be admitted to the two-year Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA 2 or MLA AP) program following approval by the graduate coordinator.

Our Master of Landscape Architecture program is well established and our graduates routinely find work in design and planning firms, governmental agencies, and community based organizations throughout America and abroad. We offer a design-oriented curriculum with opportunities for involvement in issues that range from those of relevance to the Gulf South region to those of international importance. Our faculty have diverse professional and research interests, which are integrated into the learning experience. The school also works closely with the LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio, offering multiple opportunities to explore research areas and design projects that pertain to the dynamic, shifting environment of the lower Mississippi River Delta and the Gulf Coast.

The master’s program in landscape architecture is rigorous, particularly in the first year. The curriculum becomes more flexible as you advance. We encourage you to discuss past academic and professional experiences with the graduate coordinator to facilitate making the most of the curriculum and your interests.

Students have three options for the final semester of work: the studio option, a design thesis option, or a written thesis option. Students considering the design or written thesis options should begin discussions with the graduate coordinator as soon as possible in order to begin work in time to meet the academic deadlines and requirements of the LSU Graduate School.

Master of Landscape Architecture Admissions Process
Master of Landscape Architecture Curriculum