MLA Curriculum

The master’s program in landscape architecture is rigorous, particularly in the first year. The curriculum becomes more flexible as you advance, with elective courses taken in the second and third years. We encourage you to discuss past academic and professional experiences with the graduate coordinator to facilitate making the most of the curriculum and your interests. Students have three options for the final semester of work: the studio option, a design thesis option, or a written thesis option. Students considering the design or written thesis options should begin discussions with the graduate coordinator as soon as possible in order to begin work in time to meet the academic deadlines and requirements of the LSU Graduate School.

Students without pre-professional degrees are required to complete 90 hours of graduate-level coursework, 18 hours of which must be at the 7000 level, a sequence that typically takes three years. Students with pre-professional degrees are required to complete a minimum of 54 credit hours, 18 hours of which must be at the 7000 level, which generally takes two years to complete.

View MLA curriculum advising sheets:

Questions about the Master of Architecture curriculum should be addressed to the graduate coordinator. For more details about courses, visit the LSU General Catalog or the landscape architecture portfolio page on this website.