Letter From the Director of the School of Art

Graphic of American flag with text "Black Lives Matter" repeated

Design by Jerry Lockaby, MFA candidate of graphic design

Message from LSU School of Art Director, Rod Parker

Words can often ring hollow when we try to express our anguish and our sense of human solidarity in times like these, but the words Black Lives Matter have power. Still, these words must be paired with actions that affirm their truth. Art holds a special power to merge word, image, and action into activism and change. For over a century art and activism have worked toward dismantling the systemic racism that permeates our institutions, including even institutions of higher learning.

As protests reach towards a fourth week without an end in sight, artists around the world have created works to memorialize George Floyd’s death and inspire action. These works have joined the voices of the many who are calling for lasting institutional change. From paintings, interventions, installations, digital portraits and illustrations to graffiti art, their creations have brought focus to the continued struggle for equality and justice. At the LSU School of Art, we encourage our students, faculty, and alumni to use their individual and collective talents to join the movement to end the scourge of racism and be a part of lasting change.

All of us at the School of Art stand with the black community at LSU and are committed to take action on the demands of our black student leadership. The School of Art will work now and in the future to demonstrate our commitment to the words, Black Lives Matter so that no one ever has to cry out again: “I can’t breathe.”