Fabrication Factory

3D printer in the lsu fabrication factory

The BigRep ONE.2 is the largest FFF 3D printer on the market with 27 times the volume of a large desktop 3D printer—1m3 volume! (Photo courtesy of BigRep)

World Class Facilities

The College of Art & Design Fabrication Factory is a new digital fabrication laboratory for students and faculty funded in part through the LSU Student Technology Fee program. The factory provides the capacity to create a multidisciplinary, active, team-learning environment by leveraging large-scale digital fabrication equipment for cutting, shaping, and forming metal, wood, and plastic toward the resolution of creative design problems. To this end the factory consists of a trio of machinery that forms its core toolset:

  1. a computer numerically controlled (CNC) large-bed router system by Forest Scientific,
  2. a CNC plasma cutter system by EZ-Plasma, and
  3. a large-volume fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printer by BigRep.

These enhancements will have a broad impact for university education, recruitment, and research in the application of digital fabrication technology in architecture, art, engineering, interior design, landscape architecture, music, and digital media.