Nedra Hains

Nedra Davis Hains

DDES Candidate

Cultural Studies Junior Division, Southern University
BA Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, Spanish, Louisiana State University
MA Cultural Anthropology, Louisiana State University


Material Culture, Religion, Digital Humanities, American Catholic History

Project Focus: Examining the revolutionary theology movements and their relationship to the evolution of contemporary Catholic material culture, including the digital technology of the Catholic Church; especially in light of Catholic traditionalist movements and attempts to recall that material and theological culture in the contemporary aftermath and the role of contemporary iconoclasts.

Currently, as a development officer and museum professional, officially – Director of Development & External Affairs (DoD/E) at the LSU Museum of Art (LSU MOA), Nedra’s practice encompasses multi-faceted engagement of museum professionals, faculty, artists, students, alumni, state and federal agencies, cultural non-profits, granting foundations, and other friends of the university. Nedra served as the president of the Friends of the LSU MOA Board for eight years prior to taking the DoD/E position. Prior to her return to LSU, she remained actively engaged in the art community through volunteerism and financial support of artists throughout her 23+ year tenure in engineering.

Nedra also currently serves as an appointed commissioner on the East Baton Rouge Parish Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) housed in the EBRP Planning Division and sits as a board member on Preserve Louisiana. The HPC is concerned with preserving material culture in our historic neighborhoods of EBRP. Preserve Louisiana is concerned with preserving our rich material culture throughout Louisiana.

Through course work and independent research, Nedra hopes to enhance her understanding of the professional art and design world, helping her better to engage the museum professionals, faculty, and students she works with and the patrons, donors, and friends of LSU that have a passion for art, LSU, and the material culture of our shared Southern experiences.

Nedra is married to John E. Hains, Jr. and family includes a son, Janus Korevec; stepson, James Hains; and niece Phoebe Pellitteri. Nedra has lived in Baton Rouge for 30 years.