Trai Thomas

Trai Thomas

DDES Candidate

Filmmaking/Virtual Reality

A native of New Orleans, Trai is a filmmaker and cinematographer who grew up with a passion for classic films that has blossomed into a career combining traditional techniques with contemporary ideas. Trai’s current projects range from documentaries dissecting socioeconomic disparities through homelessness to independent narratives about excess.

Currently, Trai has projects entered into The Sundance Film Festival, The New Orleans Film Festival, SXSW, Cinema on the Bayou, The Black New Orleans Film Festival, and more. Beyond Trai’s artistic endeavors, he has created content for multiple companies, including The New Orleans Jazz Museum, The New Orleans Museum of Art, The Flood Protection Authority, LevelSet, NOLA Gold Rugby, Commanders Palace, TedXLSU, and more. This content has been distributed across social media platforms, embedded into websites, and advertised on local television networks. Trai’s videos have generated thousands in revenue, increased brand awareness, and engagement on social media platforms.

Trai also has a passion for new technological advancements, including his work with virtual reality, augmented reality, and XR video production. Trai has created full three hundred and sixty-degree videos of the exhibits at The New Orleans Jazz Museum and Southern Food and Beverage Museum to great success. Currently, he is working with the team in the digital media center to create an XR Virtual Production studio that combines filmmaking, video games, VFX, performance, and extended reality theory.