High School Students Learn about Architecture at LSU Camp

(Baton Rouge) As they have for the past several years, some two dozen high school students descended on the LSU School of Architecture earlier this summer for the LSU Architecture and Interior Design Career Discovery Workshop, a week-long, in-residence program that gives students an intensive, up-close look at the professions. New this year was the inclusion of interior design in the program.

During the workshop students stayed in the college dorms, ate in the cafeterias, and worked on design problems in Atkinson Hall, the home of the LSU School of Architecture. They took field trips to the Rural Life Museum, professional architects’ offices, and construction sites. They also had an opportunity to interact closely with faculty from the school, as well with the undergraduate students who serve as counselors, several of whom are former participants in the high school program.

“The idea is to show the students what life on a college campus is like and what life in a school of architecture is like,” says Thomas Sofranko, interim director of the School of Architecture. “For the parents who have not yet sent a child off to college, this serves as a trial run for them too.”

While the program kept the students hard at work during the day, it also kept them busy at play during the evening. Activities included movie nights and a trip to the bowling alley. Participants came from as far away as New England and kept long hours, but then that helped prepare them for what they’d experience as undergraduate students in the School.

“We’re really proud of this program,” says Sofranko. “It’s been very popular and helps give those with an interest in architecture a taste of what they can expect if they choose to pursue a career in the field.”