How To Apply

The application procedure involves two steps: satisfying application requirements of the LSU Graduate School and supplying additional information required by the Doctor of Design program.

Step 1: Satisfy application requirements of the LSU Graduate School. Consult the Graduate School website for application procedures, policies, and deadlines, and complete the required application procedures. Questions about these procedures should be addressed directly to the Graduate School.

Step 2: Supply additional information required by the Doctor of Design program by completing the following three components:

  • A written program of study narrative explaining in 1,500 to 2,000 words what your interests are, what you propose to do, and how LSU resources will be of benefit to your course of study. Include names of LSU faculty with whom you might study.  Research topics should begin in at least one of the three areas of DDes specialization (Art and Design Studies; Material Culture Studies; Museum and Archival Studies) and might include specific discussion in one of the following:1) applied studies and interpretations of material culture, architecture, and cultural landscapes;2) applications of new technologies and emerging trends for the preservation, conservation and interpretation of cultural artifacts; and

    3) the development of cultural policies with regard to changing economic, social, and political situations.

    Since such investigations are likely to be cross-disciplinary, students are expected to assemble advisers from the College of Art & Design as well as from other colleges in the University for advice and direction as their studies progress.

    Also include a statement about your financial ability to enter the program and what financial assistance you may require.  Note: At present, our capacity to extend financial aid is limited.

  • A professional portfolio including a professional resume, your work experience, and examples of your professional activity.
  • Three letters of recommendation, ideally from employer(s) and those well acquainted with your work and proposed course of study that address your professional experience and address your capacity to complete advanced independent work.

This material should be delivered to Dr. Brent Fortenberry, Director of Graduate Studies by February 1 for full consideration.

Note the following:

  • The GRE is not required for admission.
  • Complete the Graduate School application first, then
  • Submit additional material (1 copy) to Brent Fortenberry, Director of Graduate Studies at the address below by Feb. 1 for full consideration.
  • Graduate/Teaching Assistantships are limited.
  • Consult the college’s website [] for periodic updates.
  • Questions? Feel free to call or email the numbers below as needed.


Brent R. Fortenberry, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Research & Graduate Studies
Associate Professor, Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture
204 Julian T. White Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803