The AVATAR Initiative


The Arts, Visualization, Advanced Technologies and Research (AVATAR) initiative has established a multidisciplinary research and creative focus on the intersections between the arts, technology, and the computational sciences. Research projects explore intelligent and responsive systems such as video games, training systems, simulation visualizations, and collaborative digital media arts. The AVATAR initiative is part of a campus-wide program at LSU to establish interdisciplinary research around themes that transcend traditional academic boundaries in the following areas:

Computer Music: electroacoustic composition, visual music, interactive music systems, information retrieval, or auditory display

Digital Art & Design: animation, shading, modeling, environmental design; computational and digital art/design, interactive installations, situated technologies; media art, narrative content creation, writing for film or games

Computer Graphics: graphics processors and hardware, visualization, animation; digital signal processing for image, audio, and video

Interactive Systems: intelligent agents, machine learning, responsive systems; human computer interface; domain specific semantics

AVATAR Minor in Digital Media 

LSU’s AVATAR initiative in digital media is a new, interdisciplinary academic program to help students learn the skills they need for careers in the broad, exciting, and emerging field of digital media.

Many digital art students choose to complete the AVATAR minor in digital media. This minor requires digital art students to complete three additional courses, primarily focused on expanding technological competencies, and students must complete a collaborative project with computer science and engineering students. Please visit the AVATAR website for up-to-date information on requirements of the minor.