Student Life

Students at the College of Art & Design don’t just learn about art and design. They live it.

College of Art & Design students have access to the facilities they need to excel in their studies. Whether a student needs to build a model, print a master plan, or prepare a final project for review, the college has a resource in place to help. On-campus and off-site galleries with robust program calendars exhibit the work of local and national artists and offer students opportunities to exhibit their own work.

Students seeking academic advice can meet with counselors in the Office of Student Services, located in the heart of the college on the second floor of the Design Building. A counselor is always on hand to help students meet important dates and deadlines and to guide students toward available internships and jobs that will hone their skills and provide them with the experience they need to pursue their careers.

Beyond the studio, networking opportunities with fellow students, faculty, alumni, and professionals abound through any of the college’s many student organizations. The college administration and faculty believe that offering students a myriad of opportunities to travel and study abroad is crucial to an education in art and design.

At the College of Art & Design, inspiration is around every corner—student work is frequently displayed in the hallways of Atkinson Hall, the Design Building, and the Studio Arts Building, and projects are always underway in the Design Shop and the CxC Art & Design Studio. Something is always happening at the College of Art & Design, from crawfish boils, pizza parties, and tailgates to community service projects, lectures, workshops, and final reviews.