30 Years of LSU Printmaking

30 Years of LSU Printmaking, designed and produced by the LSU School of Art’s Graphic Design Student Office (GDSO), heralds and documents a laboratory of arts experimentation and innovation and celebrates the school’s mission to balance the roles of curriculum development and classroom teaching with artistic exploration and creative activity.

Professor Emeritus Kimberly Arp worked with Bradley Sumrall, head curator of the Ogden Museum of Art, to curate an exhibition of graduate and undergraduate prints from the LSU Print Workshop Student Archives for an exhibition of 30 Years of LSU Printmaking. Featuring prints created by students who attended LSU from 1980 to 2010, the exhibition was one of the highlights of the Southern Graphics Council International Conference held in New Orleans, Louisiana, in March 2012. Upon Professor Arp’s retirement in 2015, after teaching printmaking at LSU in for 38 years, the LSU School of Art and the Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes, through the LSU College of Art & Design, funded the publication of this book, 30 Years of LSU Printmaking.

lsu printmaking

30 Years of LSU Printmaking

The book serves as a testament to the LSU School of Art’s printmakers—those who have embraced traditional, digital, new, and innovative methods of image making. The work featured in 30 Years of LSU Printmaking demonstrates the continuation of the practice to explore advanced avenues of collaboration and expansive art making while maintaining the integrity of existing traditional methods such as lithography, intaglio, relief, silkscreen, and the art of book and papermaking—showcasing diversity in imagery and approaches to the print medium.

“I offer my heartfelt appreciation to the dedication of our printmaking faculty represented over these 30 years,” stated Rod Parker, director of the School of Art. “James Burke, Kimberly Arp, and Leslie Koptcho. They are the champions of every work presented here.”

The LSU School of Art extends thanks to Kenneth Miles of the Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes for his distinct vision, enthusiasm, and support for the production of 30 Years of LSU Printmaking. His generous patronage of this initiative has given life to a permanent record of 30 years in printmaking at LSU.