Alumni Profile: Jeff Carbo

Principal, Jeffrey Carbo-Landscape Architects-Site Planners
Alexandria, LA

Provide an educational background including professional experience.

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from LSU. (1985)
Principal, Jeffrey Carbo, FASLA -Landscape Architects-Site Planners, Alexandria, Louisiana.

Why did you choose LSU for your education?

My parents encouraged me to enroll at LSU because I had yet to choose a career path. LSU had many degree offerings, as possibilities.

How did your LSU degree help to prepare you for your profession?

I found Landscape Architecture at LSU, so the School of Landscape Architecture had a profound impact. The curriculum’s emphasis on the design and the design process has served me well. Dr. Reich and the faculty were inspiring and passionate and encouraged me to strive for excellence.

What current or past research and projects/exhibitions have you done?

We are currently working on a 252 acre botanical garden and environmental educa- tion center in southeast Texas, where we hope there will be a unique synthesis of art, science, and nature.

Completed project commissions include:
Choupique House (1998); Cane River Residence (1999); Duval House (2000); Lake D’ Arbonne State Park (2000); ROMEX World Headquarters (2002); and 1-49 Greenbelt (2002).

Current commissions include:
Squire Creek Golf Club and Community- Choudrant, LA.; Shangri La Botanical Gar- dens and Nature Center- Orange, TX.; Fontainbleau State Park- Mandeville, LA; Watkins Reflection Garden at The American Rose Center -Shreveport, LA; Shreveport Convention Center- Shreveport, LA; and Residential and Estate Gardens throughout the southeast United States.

What are your plans for the future?

Plans for the future include further developing our skills in quality and design that reinforce the context and favorably defines the character, culture, and history of the region…all in an attempt to make Louisiana better. Grow our firm in new areas and work with the School of Landscape Architecture at LSU to expand the profession of Landscape Architecture in Louisiana.