Alumni Profile: Perry Howard

Professor, North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University
President Elect, American Society of Landscape Architects

Provide an educational background including professional experience.

I have a B.A. in landscape architecture from LSU and a Master’s in landscape architecture from Harvard. After I received my graduate degree, I spent a couple of years working in New Orleans, then later Florida. In 1989 I became the director of the landscape architecture program at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University and have been there ever since.

Why did you choose LSU for your education?

I chose LSU because I was impressed by the College of Art+Design, both its curriculum and the quality of its students and faculty.

How did your LSU degree help to prepare you for your profession?

My degree equipped me with a well-rounded design education. By taking a variety of courses in landscape architecture as well as in architecture and fine arts, I received a very thorough and comprehensive design education.

What current or past research and projects/exhibitions have you done?

My career has taken me in a variety of directions and I have been involved in many interesting projects over the years. I have a lot of experience in management—both project management and with land use data management systems. In terms of design, I have worked on residential, commercial, recreational, resort development, land use planning and natural resource assessment.

Please list any awards or special recognition that you have received.

2003-2004 Teacher of the Year Award, School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (NCA & TSU)
2003 Elected Secretary to the Council of Fellows for the American Society of Landscape Architects
2000 Top 100 Harvard Graduate School of Design Distinguished Alumni
1998 Presidents Award, North Carolina Chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects