Alumni Profile

rebecca barber bradley

Rebecca Barber Bradley, RLA

BLA 2001

Landscape Architecture

As co-founder, Rebecca’s relentless desire to create finds a rewarding existence in Cadence. She seeks to listen to her clients, offer open-minded solutions, render attention to details and provide an energetic vibe to keep innovation afloat. Watching an idea become a reality for her clients is the ultimate goal. She finds inspiration in her travel experiences, for exposure to different places and cultures provides a great base for understanding and respect – an invaluable tool for design and development.

Rebecca believes if it is a better quality of life she is trying to provide with the environments she designs, the quality of life she lives will serve as her commitment to that value. On a day to day basis, she can be found maneuvering between roles of business owner, designer and project manager. Finding fun in any circumstance is a trait she is not afraid to hide. She is wife to John and mother to Cadence resident interns Percy, Grits and Rex. She enjoys spending her free time out on the water or savoring a delicious meal with family and friends.

Rebecca received a BLA from Louisiana State University and attended a semester long study abroad program at the Edinburgh College of Artin Scotland. Rebecca spent nine years with EDSA in their headquarter office located in Fort Lauderdale, FL prior to Cadence.