Alumni Profile

Phill Evans

BFA 1973, Sculpture


Born in St Louis, MO 1946 to a family of eight children who loved to explore through excursions to parks, museums, historical monuments and extended trips across the country. The curiosity and exploration continues today inspiring sculptural interpretations: people and personalities in whimsy and song, places and transports in stone and metal, objects and spirits in motion and rest.

Soon after graduating from Louisiana State University in 1973 with a BFA in sculpture he opened his sculptural design business near Sacramento, California. In the ensuing forty plus years the studio has operated on a two prong approach: 1) designing and building signs, restaurant interior elements, mechanical display and ornamental/architectural metals. 2) Investing the technology and finances into the fine arts side of the studio developing wind kinetics, sculptural furnishings and a diversified studio. Phill Evans Sculptural Design has won national awards in ornamental metals and animated displays accompany national and international awards for kinetic public art and sculptural environments.