Alumni Profile

Photo of Cindy Maughan smiling at the camera

Cindy Maughan

BID 1998

Interior Design

Cindy B. Maughan is one of the South’s premier interior designers whose artistic creations reflect a comfortable continental style. She is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Cindy’s work has been recognized and honored by AIA as a Good Growth Rose Award recipient and her work has been illustrated in numerous publications. She received her Bachelor of Interior Design degree from Louisiana State University and interned with one of Baton Rouge’s largest and most prestigious architectural engineering firms. After licensing, Cindy became involved in commercial projects involving interior space planning, designing and specifying furniture packages, and interior construction documents for college buildings, courthouses, resorts and banks. She established Cindy B Maughan & Associates, LLC in 1997 with the idea that her strength and expertise in the commercial field would well serve the private sector by implementing heightened design standards. Cindy’s projects include multi-family homes, upscale urban residences, celebrity estates, hunting plantations and luxury recreational get-a-ways from conception to completion.

As an Adjunct Professor, Cindy taught Interior Design at Louisiana State University where she was a member of the Advisory Council for the Interior Design Department and served as the Interior Design Alumni Association President. Cindy is a past member of the Baton Rouge Design Selection Board, has served as ASID Chapter Chairman, as well as chairperson for numerous committees within the Junior League. Cindy and her husband, Roy, reside in Baton Rouge where they are parents to four children and three grandsons.