Alumni Profile

Kyle Owens

Kyle Owens

BID 2005

While enrolled in the LSU College of Art & Design, Kyle worked for the Louisiana Department of Historic Preservation. Using his previous graphic design experience, Kyle would overlay historic building photographs with notes and images to help guide building owners on how to authentically restore their historic buildings through available grants. This opportunity not only provided invaluable experience and understanding of the historical importance of the architectural treasures around us, but also how historic elements should be restored, altered and penetrated to bring modern amenities and life into these protected buildings.

After receiving his interior design credentials and a short time living in the Grand Cayman Islands, Kyle moved to Portland, Maine where he pursued his passion for design working for an architecture firm specializing in historic preservation. This was his first introduction into building codes and how standards and limitations can fuel great design solutions. Portland also embraced the ideology that new architecture being added to historic buildings could not only be cohesive, but modern and innovative for the current architectural period.

Once the snow melted after the second winter season in Maine, Kyle moved to Atlanta, Georgia to finally pursue his love of light and technicality as a lighting designer. Within this lighting studio, his career blending light and architecture was forever cemented. He was fortunate to work alongside award winning lighting designers and one of the most notable aviation architects of our lifetime. This unforeseen value is evident in LAYERED’s philosophy and completed work.

Pensacola, Florida, with its rich history as the first city in the US, prevalent architecture and vision for growth and innovation, is now home and location of LAYERED Architectural Lighting Design.