Alumni Profile

Chris Sporl

MLA 1992

Landscape Architecture

Chris Sporl currently serves as the Director of Recreation, Wilderness, Heritage, and Volunteer Resources in the Southern Region of the U.S. Forest Service. He has a wealth of experience, gained in a variety of program manager and leadership roles, and works collaboratively to meet goals and objectives for wilderness stewardship, protection of heritage resources, sustainability and leverage of volunteer services, and increased connections of a wide range of diverse citizens and communities to natural resources and outdoor recreation experiences. Preceding this position, Chris served as the National Travel Motorized Recreation Program Manager for the Forest Service Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

For over seven years, Chris served as the Rocky Mountain Region Landscape Architect & Recreation Planner, which included duties as the Regional Scenic Byway Coordinator for Forest Service units in Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas. Other program emphasis includes motorized recreation coordinator, dispersed recreation, scenery management, and project conceptual design development, many of which require Chris to serve on their respective national leadership teams.

Chris also served as a project manager/landscape architect in the Center for Design and Interpretation (CDI) in the Rocky Mountain Region of the U.S. Forest Service in Golden, Colorado. Prior to joining CDI and the Regional Office, he worked as a senior landscape architect for the City of Aurora, Colorado – Parks Planning, Design, and Construction Office, designing numerous municipal park projects. Other career experiences include project manager for Patrick Moore Landscape Architects, registered landscape contractor, and assistant horticulturist for the New Orleans Botanical Gardens in Louisiana. He has a BS in Horticulture from Louisiana Tech University and a Master of Landscape Architecture from LSU.