School of Architecture


Architectural Design IV

Architectural Design IV is taught in conjunction with Architectural Topics IV. These two courses are separate and distinct but organized to support and enhance each other. What is taught in one should be brought to bear on the other. This is particularly important in design studio, where you will be asked to apply knowledge that, in the other class, you simply needed to know and comprehend. This type of coordination reflects a premise of the school’s curriculum — that design involves the synthesis of diverse areas of knowledge and various skills, and design studio is the primary venue for that synthesis.

In this studio you will continue to explore the expressive potential of space and form as it relates to intent. ARCH 2002 and 2102 accomplish this exploration through a series of projects that are aimed at stretching your understanding of, and appreciation for the ways in which architecture occupies and responds to a specific site, condition and/or event. We will begin by looking at how form, when carefully composed, gives up its object-like qualities in deference to space. Following an initial project looking at space and view, we will then undertake two projects that focus on building form and space as a coincidence of site and program. To do this, we will need to consider how spaces and buildings are inhabited, how they touch the ground, and how they occupy the landscape. Emphasis on process, materials theory, site inventory and analysis and impact of regionalism.