School of Architecture


Architectural Design IV

ARCH 2002/2102 is the fourth studio in the Bachelor of Architecture sequence at LSU. This studio introduces and explores the connection between an architectural object and the landscape. The students investigated two trails in the Big Bend National Park during a field trip in February 2016, one called Devil’s Den and one, Santa Elena. Although both trails have similar climatic conditions, they have very different characteristics (quantitative and qualitative), thus invoking different architectural responses. The students were charged with using data collected prior to our visit (site analysis), as well as site observations, to develop an idea for the design of a community camp that best addressed site conditions and resolved issues of enclosure, material, circulation, views, and scale.

The goals of this studio project were to build a critical understanding of architecture and landscape, to independently develop a building program and understand the program not as a list of facility spaces but as the ambition of architecture and to use material as a strategically vital expression of narrative and program, and to demonstrate an exploration of structure, environmental systems, and various modes of representation informed by a use of architectural precedents.