School of Architecture


Architectural Design IV

ARCH 2002/2102 is the fourth studio in the Bachelor of Architecture sequence at LSU. This studio introduces and explores the connection between an architectural object and the landscape. While the studio will again look at fundamental issues of order, two- and three-dimensional composition, these topics will now be explored through a critical design approach utilizing analysis and research to inform response to site that respects and challenges the perceptions of architecture and its interaction with the landscape of Turtle Cove, Louisiana, and Marfa, Texas. Students’ work will be aimed at developing a keen awareness of site and context to facilitate the construction of a coherent and consistent intellectual position relative to site and a schematic design for each condition that allows for the testing and reflection upon the position taken. There is an expectation that students will develop a tectonic language consistent with the defined conceptual approach through iteration, resulting in material clarity and the development of details.